Mewing 101: What is Mewing? How to Mew? Does it Work? {Updated 2022]


Mewing is relatively a new concept. Though sufficient amount of research has been carried out, one cannot really claim about the effectiveness. Prof. John & Mike Mew have shared scientific analysis on why mewing transformation takes place, if you want to learn the science behind it then you can follow their channel called Orthotropics on YouTube or you can read it here: Mewing & Orthotropy

Mewing has spread across the internet like wildfire. Within the last couple of months, it has generated a huge amount of queries across social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram & Quora. People across the internet are posing questions such as:

  • What is Mewing?
  • Does Mewing work?
  • Is Mewing for real?
  • Can I get a jawline with Mewing?
  • Is Mewing beneficial for my jaw?
  • How long does it take for mewing to show any results?
  • Should you Hard Mew?

What is mewing?

Who coined the term Mewing?

The term ‘Mewing’ is coined after Prof. John Mew’s “The Tropic Premise”, published in 1981 to highlight problems with a facial structure that begins as we grow up and leads to an imbalanced face, mainly caused due to lack of attention.

What is Mewing?

Mewing is a technique that involves pushing your tongue against your palate (roof of your mouth) with your molars touching together to ensure a stable facial structure. (You will feel it the moment you try it).

Now that you have reached Mewing Guide 101, I will ensure that your every query relating to mewing gets answered and you don’t leave disappointed.

Coming back to the topic, this unique tongue posture with its ability to improve your mouth conditioning carries numerous health benefits. Having exploded to life 40 years after its initial study, ‘Mewing’ has been coined as the ‘’new health craze’’ taking over the internet after the Keto fever.

mewing before and after
6-months mewing transformation as reported by a user on Imgur

Who discovered Mewing?

According to Dr. John Mew, mewing is the ‘’Proper Tongue Posture’’ which comes with a variety of health benefits. Following the principles of Wolff’s law, Dr. John Mew discovered that crooked teeth are a result of abnormal growth in the mandible and maxilla (lower and upper jaw).

As per the journal ‘The Tropic Premise, published by Dr. Mew in 1981, “The ideal development of the jaws and teeth is dependent on correct oral posture with the tongue resting on the palate, the lips sealed and the teeth in light contact for between four and eight hours a day.”

Does mewing really work?

Mewing from a young age can help the ideal development of jaw, nose, and teeth, depending upon how correctly you try the tongue posture. The reason for specifying the tongue posture accuracy is because many people have a cynical response to this technique without having tried the proper posture themselves. Mewing does work and we have numerous pieces of evidence to back them up. 


Notable differences between the structure with/without mewing | mewingpedia.com

Tongue posture, sucking habits, breastfeeding, chewing habits, and swallowing patterns are all an integral part of our face growth and can have a significant impact on accommodating all our adult teeth.

Is Mewing for real?

Thousands of mewers have reported that they’ve experienced a positive change after starting to mew. You can see various transformation stories where they share how mewing has changed their lives.

Some people have seen changes within 3 months whereas some are experiencing a slow change which can take more than 2 years. In my opinion, mewing works if you manage to do it correctly.

To mew properly, it is quintessential that you know what a proper tongue posture is! Unless you learn to place your tongue on the right spot, you’d be damaging your facial structure than benefitting from it.

How to mew correctly?

Here are certain ways through which you can mew correctly:

1. Tongue Placement when it’s resting: For proper, correct tongue posture, you must understand the default placement of your tongue when at rest and when swallowing. For example, accurate placement of the tongue occurs when your tongue touches the palate and maintains it.

2. Creating a Pillar of Support: By keeping your tongue posture correct throughout the entire day, you will be able to create a vacuum in your mouth which will create a pillar of support for the front portion of your head.

3. Tongue Placement when it’s swallowing: Usually, our tongue wants to slide between our teeth when we swallow; however, if not controlled; gums will be considerably damaged & will also lead to skewed teeth.

4. Say Cheese: The final part of the ideal mewing is to hold on to the cheesy smile posture while sticking your tongue against the roof with teeth resting against one another. This will allow you to control the tongue and prevent it from sliding forward.

5. Breathe through your nose: Last but not the least; use your nose. An integral part of a successful mewing practice is breathing through your nose as it is healthier than your mouth.

6. Use Jawliner: If you feel that Chisell doesn’t fit your budget, you should check out Jawliner for Mewing. Similar to Chisell, it’s an amazing product that can help you train your jaw daily. I would recommend you buy the Jawliner 2.0 bundle as when your resistance capacity improves, you don’t need to spend again.

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For the past couple of months, a lot of people have asked me on Instagram and Facebook whether Jawliner is worth the money? It’s too expensive. Well, I’d simply say that if you can spend or even think about spending  thousands of dollars on procedures such as facelift, plastic surgery, and chin augmentation, why not $25-$35?  It won’t have a negative impact on your facial structure in the short-run or long-run. It’ll help you to work your masseters without causing any harm. 

Best Jaw Training Tools

Chisell 2.0 

Chisell 2.0 gum

Jawliner 2.0 

Jawliner 2.0 gum


Jawzrsize ball exercise

Solaray Mastic Gum 

Mastic Gum Mewing

Falim Gum

Falim Gum mewing

Krinos Gum

Krinos mastic gum

Mewing ensures correct tongue posture

Numerous studies by Dr. Mew suggest, that it is possible to change your facial structure through correct mewing tongue posture. Let’s stop here and try a practical assessment. Start with standing in front of your mirror or switching on your front camera. Notice yourself in a normal state or click a selfie with your tongue resting normally.

Mewing Tongue Posture | Mewingpedia
Instant tongue posture fix – makes such a difference!! | Mewingpedia 


Now start mewing and feel the firmness in your facial structure. Instantaneously, you will experience your face lifting and jaws getting sharp. This is a good way to start your mewing journey. Now imagine if this becomes your regular tongue position, you’ll not only be having a jawline but over time your entire facial structure would improve.

Oral health benefits of mewing

There are numerous benefits of mewing such as improvising your appearance and health through pressure exertion on the orofacial area. Mewing technique doesn’t just help you develop a great mouth structure but also overcome the muscular imbalances in your mouth.

A mouth structure to better understand the process of mewing:

mewing guide
  • It can prevent your oral health and will improve your gum strength significantly
  • If done appropriately, mewing will bring about an overall change in your facial structure and will prevent your face from dropping which usually happens with age
  • Keep your teeth in check and shape by preventing them from being skewed
  • Mewing is a great way to get rid of double chin and other facial imbalances which occur due to improper tongue posture.
  • Avoid unusual shape around the mouth due to poor growth which gets worse with age
  • Can help overcome numerous dental complexities purely caused due to muscular imbalances
  • Over time, with a sharp jawline, the overall structure of the face becomes more appealing

Mewing helps breathe right

The correct way of breathing while mewing is to use your nose. A posture wherein, your mouth is closed which creates a vacuum-like feeling inside. The air we breathe is naturally processed through the nose. It is the filter lined with small hairs called cilia.

Cilia ensures that it filters humidity, coolness, or warmness based upon the temperature you are in before the air reaches your lungs. Cilia is responsible for the protection of our bodies from nearly 25 billion foreign particles that try to enter our bodies every day.

Correct way of breathing while mewing

Nasal breathing is how we are supposed to breathe. However, the majority of people breathe through their mouths. Here’s why nasal breathing is the correct way of breathing – Air once it exits the nose passes through the windpipe –  traps the unwanted particles before they reach the lungs.

Followed by passage through the mucus-lined windpipe, air reaches our lungs where the oxygen is then pumped into the bloodstream, later circulated throughout the body. On the other hand, the air which leaves the body carries carbon dioxide from the cell which comes out through the process of exhalation.

Scientific reasoning behind mewing effectiveness

Mewing technique – a DIY Myofunctional therapy helps the maxilla to grow forward, and it improves and provides a great posture for the tongue in a resting position.

The distance between the nose and the incisors reduces with upward growth and palate expansion. Fagga leads in elongation of maxilla; however, results might differ from person to person.

If you want to check out the scientific or clinical evidence behind mewing, make sure you have a basic understanding of the concept in place first.

The Favorite Foods Diet

As per the research article published by Dr. John Mew, “Strange sucking habits, or swallowing with the tongue showing, can also distort the teeth and jaws, and may be associated with a speech impediment. Remember that all that guides the teeth into position are the lips, the cheeks, the tongue, and the teeth in the opposite jaw and any faults in any of these will be reflected by the irregularity of the teeth, often followed later by facial disfigurement.”

Effective role of the tongue in mewing

Your tongue impacts your facial structure. Having a tongue in a lower position leads to a vertical instead of horizontal growth of the maxilla (the upper jaw). In such a case, the tongue doesn’t support the palate and the soft tissues of the cheeks which prevent the jaw from growing.

Furthermore, a modern soft diet that doesn’t involve too much chewing & swallowing adds up to the inactivity. Here are important insights from Elisha Long explaining how to get mewing right within 20 seconds:

Can I get a jawline with Mewing?

Mewing is not an exercise, it’s a lifestyle. If you do it, you’ll be able to live a healthy lifestyle.

As far as jawline with mewing is concerned, it can’t be achieved unless you’re willing to put in some work.

To get a jawline, you need to lower your body fat along with your face fat. You can mew daily and fix your facial structure over time, but you won’t see any difference if your face has excessive fat.

Working your body is as important as working your masseters. Lower the fat to between 12%-15%, chew gum or use silicon gum for an hour daily to exercise your jaw and you’ll eventually achieve results in 6-12 months.

Mewing Before And After 

Mewing Before and After results are posted by mewers on various platforms. You’ll find these before and after pictures on Reddit, Instagram, and even Facebook.

Mewing Before and After female
3 months mewing journey | Mewing Female Result | Mewingpedia 


Mewing Before and After
16 years old Reddit user shares his one-year mewing transformation | Mewingpedia 

It’s okay to be bamboozled with other people’s results. But remember not to compare yourself with their progress. Each person is different and there are a lot of factors responsible for mewing transformation.

For instance, mewing results are quicker within teenagers, and thus when they pair up mewing with exercise, they can achieve results quicker.

On the contrary, results in adults take much longer because after a certain age, our structure though it can be remodeled, takes a certain amount of time in comparison to when we’re young.

Do Not Mew Like This

Mewing will help you attain a correct oral posture and can positively impact the bones in your face. When mewing, ensure not to lean your lower jaw forward as it may affect the temporomandibular joint. Instead, focus on the tongue position and leave the jaws in the natural closing position.


Realizing that you have been placing your tongue wrong all along? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone, I felt the same when I came across this technique, and trust me it changed my entire perspective towards improving oral health without spending any money.

It is an organic way to fix the muscular imbalances within the mouth and work towards a better facial framework. If you can practice mewing correctly, you can change your entire facial structures.


Enhance your knowledge about mewing by simply choosing the topics below:

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  1. Thanks for putting it all together. Really handy. I’ve started mewing and I hope for the best. How much time do you reckon it would take to obtain visible results?

    • Hey Vshram,
      It completely depends.
      There are numerous factors involved in it. However, many people have posted their transformation results on Instagram, Reddit & even Quora. You can check that out.

      • Since you’re 13, you have your best years ahead of you.
        If you start mewing now, you’ll see visible results in about 6-12 months.

  2. I’m 14 and I have been mewing for 6 months. My jawline has significantly improved–despite not being visibly fine. Does mewing guarantee a visibly strong jawline?

    • Visible changes will come slowly. Mewing isn’t just about aesthetics James. Just focus on breathing correctly and mewing continuously. You’ll see significant results in the near future. Good Luck.


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