What is Face pulling? Does it Work?

What’s the first visual that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Face pulling’? Isn’t it Jim Carrey trying to take his mask off? Because that is exactly how I pictured it.

Face Pulling

Much to my embarrassment and imagination, that isn’t what Face Pulling is about. Face Pulling is a relatively new concept in the field of Orthotropics.

What is Face pulling?

Face pulling is a facial enhancing technique that involves pushing on the roof of your mouth using both your thumbs

This technique is supposed to result in the widening of your palate and also your maxilla being pushed upwards and forward. Though this technique is still debated amongst experts, so are other orthotropic procedures.

Face Pulling Maxilla

Users have claimed that this experimental technique has to lead to a few alterations in the skull including the expansion of their maxilla, mandible, and inter-molar width. In addition to that, it also helps in improving breathing patterns and enables the ideal tongue posture.

As demonstrated in the picture above, the maxilla is the bone that forms the upper portion of our jaw. It is what influences the major traits of one’s facial features such as the cheekbones, a beautiful smile, fixing crooked teeth and a sharp jaw due to its proximity to the other bones.

Face Pulling

Hence, a well-developed maxilla converts to a visually appealing face.

How to Practice Face Pulling?

Although there are multiple ways to practice Face Pulling, all of them include using your thumb on the palate to push forward, apart and above.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:-

    1. Sit down.
    2. Place your elbow on a desk and align your fingers to your forehead.
    3. Push your chin down, touching your neck.
    4. With your thumb, apply pressure on the inner portion of your molars, your palate, and gums.
    5. Apply pressure directly or in a kneading manner to these areas of your palate.
  • Remember not to overdo it.

Sets – 2-3 minutes per hour (while awake) for 5 consecutive days. You may take a 10-12 day break later because your sutures need time to heal and develop. 

Face Pulling Results

Face Pulling Results

Face Pulling Results

Face Pulling or Palate Expander?

Another alternative to Face Pulling is a Palate Expander which is a well-established method in the world of Orthotropics. 

A Palate Expander is basically an orthodontic appliance designed to widen the palate in size, however, it has nothing to do with forward maxilla growth. 

There are two kinds of Palate expanders – one that is removable and the other ones are irremovable. 

The removable ones are usually worn throughout the night. There is very little doubt about the effectiveness of these appliances as they apply constant pressure whenever in use.

Make sure you discuss any appliances you might be willing to use with your orthodontist prior usage. These are commonly prescribed to kids that have a developing skull and hence it is important for adults to consult an expert first.

Is Face Pulling related to Mewing?

The common trait between both these methods is what they aim for. Both Mewing and Face Pulling aim at enhancing your facial features through maxilla growth, promoting a proper tongue posture easing the process of nasal breathing.

However, where it differs is in terms of the pressure being applied. There’s a difference between the pressure applied through your tongue and your thumb. Of course, the thumb will be able to apply much more amount of pressure than the tongue that could be harsh for some individuals.

Hence, if you are a beginner it is recommended you stick to soft Mewing for a while before jumping on to Face Pulling.

Face Pulling in different Age Groups

Face pulling for Teenagers

Face Pulling MewingPedia

The process of remodeling the maxilla is often practiced on children including teens. Because the bones of teens are much more malleable the results are easier to achieve.

Face pulling for Adults

Face Pulling Adults

Unlike for teens, reshaping of the maxilla in adults is much more challenging due to the suspension of the growth period

Although, studies have proven that there is still a possibility for the bones to naturally change throughout adulthood. Hence, even though time-consuming, results aren’t impossible.

Face Pulling without a Machine/Surgery

There is evidence that suggests that it is possible to move the maxilla without any machinery/appliances or surgery. 

Though, it might be easier to achieve in children than in adults as kids are still in their growth phase adjusting to various bone movements naturally. It is quite definite that remodeling of the maxilla can be done. 

An interesting article in medical law is that of Wolff’s law. The law states that the bones in a healthy human body while experiencing excessive load or pressure from underneath will remodel itself over time to become stronger to resist that pressure. 

This is nothing but the logic behind mewing and mewers applying pressure on their palates for forwarding maxilla movements.

In an experiment conducted for the American Journal of Orthodontics, three adult monkeys were studied to measure the extent of bone remodeling that can occur on adult primates. 

Dr. Ravindra Nanda who was conducting this experiment applied 500g of force to the palate of the monkeys for 4 months and compared x-rays after the treatment. 

The results helped establish that similar to monkeys, maxilla can be remodeled in adult individuals as well. How? The experiment showcased the drastic difference that happened to the monkeys’ facial bone structure.

Does Face Pulling Actually Work?

There is no scientific proof to back this technique however, there are users that have claimed to be seeing results in just a couple of months into practice.

However, there are no reliable or significant studies that can outrightly claim that this technique is effective. Maxilla, as we all know is not very easily measurable unlike the expansion of the palate.

The skull is said to be held in place by various sutures and is very difficult to move in adults and hence this technique is still rather controversial.

Benefits of Face Pulling?

There are several claimed benefits of Face Pulling that circle around the expansion of the palate and moving the maxilla upwards and forward. 

Increased Tongue Space

Increased tongue space is one of the benefits. It is achieved by pushing the molars apart which expands the palate making more room for the tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Makes Mewing Easier

More room for the tongue means more ease in mewing. And as we all are aware, Mewing that i.e. maintaining a proper tongue posture is essential for any Facial Development.

What is Face Pulling

Might prevent Dental Crowding

Another common problem most teenagers suffer from is Dental Crowding as shown above, which ultimately leads to crooked teeth. Face pulling, by expanding the palate space also helps the teeth to align properly in a straight row. 

Improves Facial Symmetry

The main benefit of face Pulling is the increase in Facial Symmetry and Maxilla Forward Development that leads to appealing features such as sharp jawline and cheekbones.

Side Effects of Face Pulling?

The most common side effects that have been reported are discomfort and pain as the technique does rely on pushing against the palate for an extended duration. Depending on the amount of pressure applied, can be anywhere between mild to severe.

Face Pulling

Though, there have been some uncommon side effects that some people have experienced. People have been claiming to hear a popping sound, some speculate that these are the sutures (specifically median and transverse palatine sutures) breaking apart. As shown in the above picture, Sutures are skull’s joints that ultimately move in order to change the face of your jaw.

Final Thoughts

Though there are various users claiming to have a positive effect, there have been reported side effects to this method. 

There is still little to no clinical evidence to support that Face Pulling can facilitate changes in bone structure. I would recommend sticking to jaw training tools and Mewing for now.

We encourage speaking with an expert before using any palate expander you might be willing to try.



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