Sunken Cheeks: Boon or A Curse? | A Comprehensive Guide

Sunken cheeks are known to either be attractive to some and for some, they are a sign of illness or aging. 

To fully understand whether they are a pro or con, you need to learn everything there is to know about sunken cheeks.

It will also help you take the necessary steps to either fix or achieve it. Here’s your guide to getting a complete understanding of them.

How to get sunken cheeks?

While there’s no scientific evidence regarding the subject. Many people in the orthotropic community have shared their sunken cheek results achieved within 2-3 years of mewing. Based on those reports, there are 5 ways in which you can get sunken cheeks. 

There are 5 ways to achieve sunken cheeks: 

  1. Mewing 
  2. Facial Exercises
  3. Jaw Workout Tools
  4. Reducing Body Fat 
  5. Surgical Procedures

It is a common belief that sunken cheeks are attractive, which is why many people actively try to pursue the sunken cheek look in a bid to enhance their facial aesthetic.

Sunken Cheeks

Your outward appearance is determined by your facial bone structure and the amount of fat on your cheek. 

While it is largely based on genetics, you may be able to reduce your cheek fat by incorporating some exercises. 

It is necessary to have defined cheekbones to be able to give your face that lift or else it is difficult to achieve that look through surgery or make-up. 


Mewing offers several benefits and sunken cheeks are one of them. In case you haven’t heard of it – Mewing is a technique wherein you flatten your tongue against the roof of your mouth. When you mew, your tongue builds pressure, and that leads to forward facial growth. Thereby helping to improve your jaw structure over time.  

mewing for sunken cheeks

While mewing is not clinically tested, many people have vouched for it and have been satisfied with the results. 

To achieve sunken cheeks, practicing the proper tongue posture is a great exercise as it not only gives you that chiseled look but can help with the alignment of your face and give you more of a symmetrical jawline.

Facial Exercises

While facial exercises keep your face fat in check, they are a slow method of achieving your desired sunken cheek look. If you want to see results with this method, you need to dedicatedly work on following these exercises every day. Despite that, something as additional push may be required, or else this method does not work. 

Another alternative to facial exercise is face yoga. If you’re more inclined to yoga, you can try face yoga which can help you the same way other facial exercises would. 

Jaw Workout Tools

Sometimes, opting for a tool is a great investment for your face. If you are someone who is into facial aesthetics and want to achieve that sunken cheek look with ease, you may want to consider some jaw workout tools like CHISELL 2.0 or Jawliner.

Jawliner for sunken cheeks

With top quality food-grade polymer, it is completely safe to use and gets in a great work out for your jaw. These tools can deliver fast results and last a decent amount of time so usability is also top-notch.

Reducing Body Fat

An important thing to note is that people with an overall low body fat percentage, tend to have less fat in their cheek. Although you may not be able to change the way your face looks without surgery, decreasing your overall weight does help in the process. Dieting and exercise is the best way to go about losing weight. 

While it is also important to note that reducing body fat may not be effective if you don’t have high cheekbones. To prominently bring that out and give your face that slender, well-defined face, you may have to look at other tools along with this for better results. 

Surgical Procedures

If you opt for the surgical route, there is a procedure known as the Buccal fat removal, which is a cosmetic surgery costing $2,000 and $5,000 in the United States. 

This is a popular choice among people who suffer from excessive fat in their cheeks and would like to reduce it.

Sunken Cheeks and Aging

sunken cheeks in women

Older people are easily identified because of one common feature – their hollow, sunken cheeks. 

No, this isn’t a stereotype, in fact, it is medically proven that as we grow older, the subcutaneous fat around our eyes and mouth decreases. 

Our bone structure, which cannot change, adapts to the loss of this fat and hence results in sunken cheeks. 

The amount of subcutaneous fat, which is right below our skin, depends on one’s genetics and lifestyle. 

When we age, this type of fat tends to decrease in our face and gives more prominence to our bone structure leading to sunken cheeks.

Other causes of sunken cheeks 

The causes of sunken cheeks can be highlighted in four ways – diet, illness, personal habits, and the environment. These are the main factors that could lead a person to have sunken cheeks. 

Dietary habits

If one does not have a good appetite or reason to not meet their daily nutrition goal, it can lead to loss of fat and sunken cheeks. Not only that, but even dehydration can cause one to have hollow cheeks. Maintaining a good diet is extremely important. 


On many occasions, sunken cheeks serve as an indication of a serious health problem that one may have. Some of these illnesses include Vascular EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), Lipoatrophy, Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.), and Tuberculosis.

Personal Habits

Like most things, your lifestyle can also have a heavy impact on your personal habits as well. The way you lead your life can affect your health drastically.

smoking causes sunken cheeks

Being a regular tobacco smoker can have negative effects on not just your health but also lead to sunken cheeks. 

Indulging in exercises that are extreme and lead to unnecessary cheek fat loss can give you sunken cheeks as well. 

Taking stress, not getting enough sleep, are also factors that can contribute to your sunken cheeks. 


Harsh weather conditions or extreme climates can reduce the elasticity in your face and result in sunken cheeks. The environment that you live in is equally responsible for your cheek being a certain way.

How to get rid of sunken cheeks? 

Unwanted sunken cheeks can affect one’s appearance that could eventually affect their personality as well. However, there are ways of getting rid of sunken cheeks to give you the facial structure that you desire. 

There are two ways you can go about it – surgical procedure or home remedies. 

Surgical Procedure for Sunken Cheeks

Getting surgery can instantly enhance your cheeks to give them a fuller appearance. Injectable facial fillers like Hyaluronic acid (HA) and Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) can last up to several years.

sunken cheeks surgical treatment

Nowadays, even liposuction, the practice of taking fat from one part of your body and injecting it in your face, has also become very common. 

These surgical cosmetic procedures ensure that sunken cheeks do not hinder your appearance. 

Non-surgical Procedure for Sunken Cheeks 

You can also opt. For non-surgical, traditional methods to achieve a fuller look. A 2009 study, shows that women who add a teaspoon of Aloe Vera to their daily diet for 90 days are more likely to get elasticity in their cheeks. 

sunken cheeks home remedy

Even doing facial exercise regularly can help you get a firm face structure that will rid you of sunken cheeks.

Preventing sunken cheeks 

If you’re sure that you want to avoid sunken cheeks, then there is a way of ensuring that you can prevent them even before you start seeing the first signs. 

Protecting your face is extremely important, which is why the following steps can help you prevent sunken cheeks: 

prevent sunken cheeks

  • Eating a balanced diet, including all the nourishment you would need. A good healthy lifestyle begins with what you feed your systems so make sure you are not neglecting the necessary vitamins that you need. 

prevention of sunken cheeks

  • Exercising regularly will give your face that firm and toned look that you need. However, keep in mind that excessive exercising could lead to sunken cheeks. It is all about maintaining the right balance. 

sunken cheeks prevention

  • Regularly wearing sunscreen is important, not only for the upper layer of your skin but also for the fat beneath it. It will help slow the aging process and keep your cheeks healthy for long.

sunken cheeks hydration

  • Along with maintaining a healthy diet, hydration is key to your good health. By keeping yourself fully hydrated at all times, you will be reducing the risk of many problems that could arise, including hollow cheeks. 

sunken cheeks and healthy sleep

  • Getting adequate sleep is not just important to feel rejuvenated but also to keep your stress at bay and maintain a healthy culture that could prevent having sunken cheeks and other avoidable issues.


As you age, there is a certain hollowness that follows in your facial structure. It is only bound to happen due to medical reasons. But who says it has to be a bad thing? Having sunken cheeks gives your face that extra definition that you may seek. Although fuller faces are considered more attractive, it is unfair to say that sunken cheeks don’t come with their own set of benefits.


Q1. What does it mean to have sunken cheeks? 

Having sunken cheeks means having a hollow facial structure that defines your cheekbones. It is when you don’t have enough tissue between your zygoma and your mandible. 

Q2. How can I fix sunken cheeks naturally? 

Facial exercises, applying aloe, adequate nourishment, hydration, and sleep are some natural ways to fix sunken cheeks. 

Q3. Why are my cheeks deflated? 

As you age, chances are that your skeletal structure will thin out, so the cheekbones become smaller. The forces of gravity pull your cheeks muscles down, resulting in the deflation of your cheeks.

Q4. How can I get sunken cheeks? 

Reducing your overall body fat percentage is the best way to achieve sunken cheeks. Other methods include minimizing stress, avoiding alcohol, getting enough sleep, and hydrating. 


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