Steel Jawline Gum Review – Is it what it claims?

Mastic gum sales are skyrocketing! Both men and women are fascinated by the before and after jawline pics all across Instagram & Youtube, making them want to give Mastic gum a fair try.

There’s no doubt that chewing mastic gum is a great jaw exercise. People that have tried it, swear by it. Mastic gum is known to be 10x harder than regular gum, making your jaw muscles ache for days after your initial sessions.

But the trick lies in finding the right mastic gum. It’s like picking the winning racehorse.

Today, we’re reviewing a mastic gum that claims to be of the highest quality, providing astounding results.

Steel Jawline Gum

Steel Jawline Gum is chewing gum grown and hand-picked specifically to develop a sharper jawline.

Steel jawline gum review

Here are a few key reasons why it’s consistently sold out:

  • A Sharper Jawline or it’s Free: The brand promises to deliver a sharper jawline with just one pack of gum or you can request your money back.
  • 10x Harder Than Regular Gum: Mastic gum being harder provides greater resistance as compared to regular chewing gum. Hence, making your jaw muscles shred more and show faster results.
  • Sugar-Free: Mastic gum is 100% natural and sugar-free. You can chew it without worrying about your calorie intake. Make sure to only chew as much as your jaws can handle in a day.
  • Community Membership: When you buy Steel Jawline Gum, you get free membership into Reddit’s Jawline Building community, email newsletter, and How-To YouTube channel. All of these are dedicated to assisting you on your jawline journey.

The story behind Steel Jawline Gum

Matt Phelps is the founder of Steel Jawline Gum. His jawline before-and-after story is pretty fascinating because he has been trying to improve his jawline for 10 years. 

Matt tried all the jaw exercises on the market and even created a few of his own. He’d tried lots of different chewing gums but never had any real success. 8 years into his journey he found out about mastic gum.

Could something as simple as chewing a gum chisel your jawline? He wondered. Chewing is a natural way that we exercise our face and jaws. Matt figured that chewing a hard mastic gum would be like “adding weight” to the workout.

But when he bought his first pack of mastic gum, he didn’t even find it too hard! It was slightly harder than regular gum but not by much! He tried and tested over 15 mastic gums from various locations around the world. The experience was hit-and-miss but eventually, Matt found pure gum from a private farm on the Greek island Chios – it was perfect!

The results speak for themselves. Matt built significant size in his masseter muscles in the first few months of chewing this high-quality mastic gum. People begin to inquire about how he did it and where they could buy this gum…

That’s when he started Steel Jawline Gum – a brand producing clean, hard, and effective mastic gum that would put an end to everyone’s struggle

How Often Should I Chew? How Long Will It Take to See Results?

According to the reviews, men see results after using up 1 container. So after a few weeks of daily chewing, one can notice a few millimeters added to each side of your jaw.

While building any muscle isn’t easy, if you’ve never trained your jaw before, you have some “newbie gains” to look forward to. These can come quickly. But if you want a serious “Brad Pitt jawline” – stick to it for at least 6 months.

To build the masseter muscles in your jaw is the same as for any other muscle. Follow a proven routine and add weight as you get stronger. Steel Jawline Gum is a good way to ‘add weight’ to your workout.

The MCS Formula: How to Get the Best Jawline Genetically Possible

The founder of Steel Jawline, Matt, has created a formula that he believes can help anyone reach their genetic jawline potential:

Sharp Jawline = Mewing + Chewing + Slimming


If you are unaware of Mewing, you’re on the right website. We are the internet’s number one source of mewing tutorials and information.

Essentially, mewing is the correct tongue posture for your face. As well as proper breathing through your nose. You may not have thought about it, but posture plays an enormous role in the development of your facial bone structure.

If you don’t mew, learn about it today and get started! It sets the foundation for the next two steps.


Chewing jawline gum is all about building your masseter muscles. Those are the chunks of muscle on the side of your jaw. And guess what? They’re muscles! They can be built like any other muscle if you train them properly.

A hard mastic gum like Steel Jawline Gum is the best way to stimulate and grow these muscles.


Lose weight. How are you going to see the results from mewing and chewing if your face has excess fat? Slimming down is the fastest way to sharpen your jawline. And if you don’t do it, the other steps might not even work.

Seriously, you cannot underestimate how much losing weight will do for your jawline.

That’s it!

No need to complicate things. If you do all 3 steps consistently- you’ll get a chiseled jawline. Thousands of men and women have had success with this technique.

Final Thoughts

The thorough tutorials and support that Matt offers are excellent. He genuinely seems to want to help others build their jawlines. It’s hard to go wrong with this gum because if you don’t get the results you want – you’ll get your money back. We feel that if you’re looking for a mastic gum, with a good brand value, this one can be an ideal choice. 

Where Can I Buy Steel Jawline Gum?

Buy Steel Jawline Gum or find out more about it on the official website. 

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