Rockjaw Mastic Gum Review: Worth it?

Mastic gum is quickly gaining popularity as the best kind of chewing gum for jawline development. Well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, Mastic gum is a hard resin that provides great resistance while chewing along with its various other health benefits.

Mastic gum is primarily produced on the Greek island of Chios, making its availability a little scarce. While there are various e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay that offer this type of gum, their quality is questionable in most cases. Hang on tight, because we have a solution to this issue.

Rockjaw is a new and upcoming brand that is the first of its kind to produce flavored mastic gum.

What is ROCKJAW Mastic Gum?

Rockjaw offers mastic gum especially designed for the jawline. These Rockjaw mastic gums are backed up by science and have a wide range of health benefits.


The goal behind the Rockjaw mastic gum was to engineer the perfect product in order to exhaust and tone facial muscles, including the masseter muscles. The masseter muscle is the strongest muscle in the human body and is responsible for providing structure to the jaw.

Rockjaw is the world’s first flavored jawline gum. People that have tried mastic gum in the past know about the unique pine-like flavor it offers. With Rockjaw, you can experience a refreshing burst of flavor without having to sacrifice the rare cedar-like taste of the original mastic gum.

Rockjaw is made with 100% premium mastic gum that is sourced from the island of Chios. The Rockjaw mastic gum is available in 4 varieties of flavors.

Story Behind ROCKJAW?

The founder of Rockjaw was well aware that the rise of mastic gum originated from a great historical background. The history made it much more unique and special which later inspired him to add his personal touch to this ancient Greek legacy.  

While he was researching about Mastic gum, he noticed how the word ‘genetics’ was being thrown around by people when something didn’t go their way. They said things like “I’m never going to be strong – It’s my genetics” or “I’m never going to look like that – It’s my genetics”

There was a preconceived notion amongst people that made them believe they couldn’t change the way they looked. Everything from the body to face structure, people blamed on their genetics.

This is when the founder of Rockjaw started to question things. According to him, he grew up with one of the worst facial structures, and no jaw definition whatsoever.

He then compared himself with celebrities with strong jawlines and the way they looked as youngsters. For example, Jon Kortajarena – a famous model, wasn’t born with a sharp, chiseled jawline.

Rockjaw Before and After

The reality of jaw structures enhancing through jaw exercises quickly seeped in. This is when he created ROCKJAW to help individuals gain confidence.

He chose mastic gum in particular because it can mold according to an individual’s chewing habits. It is also known for providing even and symmetrical results unlike other jaw training tools on the market.

The founder of Rockjaw was kind enough to share his own jawline transformation on the official website. Take a look!

Rockjaw before and after

What makes ROCKJAW different?

ROCKJAW claims to be 10 times stronger than regular gum. According to the creators of Rockjaw, because your jaw muscles can take a good amount of stress, regular gum is not too effective.

Rockjaw vs other jawline tools

This is where Rockjaw mastic gum is different from regular gum. It provides results because of its unique texture and flavor. Mastic gum provides just the right amount of hardness that exercises your jaw muscles, not to mention the various health benefits attached to this resin.

While other jawline tools do have a risk of facial damage like TMJ, mastic gum has no such side effects.

How to use Rockjaw?

It is recommended that you chew 1 large or 2 small pieces of the mastic gum for anywhere between 40 minutes – 2 hours throughout the day.

Not to forget that significantly larger pieces can be broken into smaller pieces. You can increase the volume as your jaw develops for quicker results. Make sure to chew evenly on both sides while taking breaks at intervals.

Just like any other workout routine, it is important to continue working your jaw muscles to maintain the definition. For optimal results, try ROCKJAW along with mewing.


Rockjaw Review

ROCKJAW Flavours/Ingredients

Rockjaw flavors

How to buy Rockjaw?

You can purchase Rockjaw through their official website. Alternatively, you can also use the link below to make the purchase.

Final Thoughts

Mastic gum has various health benefits and is proven to aid dental health. We highly recommend trying out Rockjaw along with Mewing.

While mewing works at repositioning your facial structure, Rockjaw mastic gum can help burn excess facial fat. This will speed up your jawline definition process.

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