Receding Chin: Causes, Exercises, and Mewing

Our chin is a prominent feature of our face. Oftentimes, when this feature is not adequately developed, it results in a recessed chin. Though genetics may play a part in determining your facial features, when it comes to a receding chin, tooth and jaw alignment can have a huge impact too.

If you think you may have a weak chin or recessed chin, keep reading as we are going to cover everything related to the subject in this blog.

So what is the core reason behind this issue that is so commonly faced in today’s age? Basically, the growth pace of the upper and lower jaw aren’t always well synced. Sometimes, the maxilla (upper jaw) grows faster than the mandible (lower jaw), and vice versa in some cases.

Such imbalanced jaw development can result in the chin to appear weak or receded. Let’s learn in detail about what exactly is a receding chin.

Meaning | What is a Receding Chin?

Receding chin

A receding chin occurs when the chin is too short, small, or slopes backward. In both males and females, a weak chin affects facial proportions that are considered universally attractive. Both men and women are affected by the growing issue that is, a receding chin.

Evaluation of a Weak Jawline and a Receding Chin

You can identify a receding chin and a weak jawline through these following characteristics:

  • Poorly defined jawline
  • Little to no definition between the neck and the chin
  • Short, narrow or small chin
  • Loose skin or wrinkles surrounding the mouth

How Does a Strong Chin Impact Your Overall Appearance?

Young adults do not realize the amount of impact of the shape, size, and prominence of one’s chin. By fixing a receding chin, you can also achieve: 

A Well Defined Jawline

A receding chin can obstruct a lean jawline, creating a rounded facial shape. By sculpting a stronger chin, you can accomplish a stronger partition between the neck and the jawline.

Balanced Features

Your side profile appears imbalanced when your chin is receding. The chin is not in line with the rest of the facial features, and hence something seems off. By moving your mandible (lower jaw) forward you can restore the proportion of the chin. 

Smaller Looking Nose

By enhancing the position and prominence of the chin, one can create an illusion of a smaller nose. As your chin is smaller and misplaced when receding, it often makes your nose seem larger.

Receding Chin Symptoms | What are the Symptoms of Receding Chin?

You can self diagnose if you have a receding chin due to its patent appearance. The chin is tiny and projected backward which makes the face appear flat.

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD)

Receding chin symptoms

People might complain of pain in the temporomandibular joint while speaking and eating if there is associated arthritis.

Predominant Smile Lines

The wrinkles around the mouth are much more prominent and darkened because the chin is comparatively smaller than usual.

Double Chin

weak chin

Early development of double chin is found in people with receding chin. Because the chin is smaller and ill-defined the outline or contours of the chin and neck remain unclear.


Normal Overbite

In cases where the mandible is excessively smaller than the upper jaw, the upper lips tend to stick out. A person with such overbite may also find it difficult to eat due to the misaligned jaw. 

Receding Chin Causes | What Causes Receding Chin?

The causes of a receding chin can partly be genetic and on the other side, be impacted by improper jaw alignment or skull development at an early age. There are various causes that may be linked to receding chin

Congenital Recession

This can begin way early, while the baby is still in the womb. A person can have receded chin by birth wherein, the growth of chin and lower jaw gets affected. This is one of the most common causes of retrograde development (opposite to natural development) of the chin.

A traumatic injury scarring the lower jaw, especially during childhood can restrict bone growth and subsequently result in a receding chin.

In a condition called Micrognathia, the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw. This results in the chin appearing smaller in size as the lower jaw itself has retarded growth. This congenital condition can be independent or maybe one of the symptoms of other defects such as trisomy 13, Marfan’s syndrome, etc.

Active Chin Recession

This is rare to happen after the early teen years. Only when there are certain rare factors such as – arthritis of lower jaw bone or temporomandibular joint attached, can this cause recession of the chin in adults. This problem is mostly found in elderly individuals. 

Mandible Cancer or certain extensive dental issues can also be the potential cause behind a receding chin.

Receding Chin Treatment | How to Fix Receding Chin?

Dental Braces

can braces fix receding chin

There is no straight forward answer to this question, as every individual is unique it is not possible to simply say yes or no. It depends on the underlying cause of individuals recessed chin, and hence, it is recommended that children should have their first orthodontic check-up at around age seven. Braces and orthodontic aids tend to be more successful with regards to weak chin when the patient is young.

Early orthodontic supervision ensures that any insufficient jaw growth contributing to the position of the chin is obstructed, it is also possible to begin guiding the jaw’s growth in a healthy direction at this age. If you have braces and want to mew with it, make sure to read our guide on mewing and braces

Chin Implants

Receding chin

Chin implants, also known as Chin Augmentation, is another option for mild to moderate receding chin. During this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision (surgical cut) alongside the crease of the chin, where the inside of your mouth meets your gum. Then the implants are inserted and the incision is closed.

There’s little to no scarring involved in this procedure. However, there is a risk associated with nerve damage and infection. Some people may also be allergic to the implants, which can cause negative reactions.

Receding Chin Surgery | Sliding Genioplasty

receding chin surgery

Sliding genioplasty is recommended for more severe receding chins caused by bone loss. For this type of surgery, the doctor makes a surgical cut or an incision on both sides of your chin so the lower jaw bone can be accessed. Then, another small incision is made on the part that makes up the chin. This allows the surgeon to move a part of the bone forward. By the use of a small metal plate, the repositioned bone is kept in place.

Sliding genioplasty requires general anesthesia and carries a greater risk of scarring and infection than the implants.

How much does a receding chin surgery cost?

A sliding genioplasty’s cost ranges from $6000 to 9000 which includes – hardware (plates and screws), general anesthesia, hospital fees & facilities, and the surgeon’s fees. If a bone graft is required to augment or correct lost bone, then the price may differ.

How to Fix Receding Chin Without Surgery? 

There is no such magical cure to a receding chin. However, there are ways you can lower the risk of a weak chin, which is by enhancing your oral posture.  


Mewing is a practice of maintaining the correct tongue posture. This involves resting your tongue on the roof of the mouth instead of the bottom. 

receding chin exercises

Dr. Mike Mew, the dental expert behind this technique advises chewing your food very thoroughly and maintaining a good oral posture. Practicing this can result in a more chiseled jawline, and can prevent dental problems such as Tooth Crowding or Dysfunctional bite.

An ideal oral posture is keeping your mouth closed, lips shut, molar teeth touching or almost touching, and, most importantly, keeping your entire tongue (even the back) against the roof of your mouth.

Receding Chin Exercises 

While there are many claims that exercising helps to cure receding chin, they are simply illogical. There is no denying that facial exercises do help tighten the muscles around the jaw and neck, and can also help with double chin and jaw definition to a certain extent. However, a moderate to the severe receding chin will need orthodontic or surgical treatment.

Celebrities With Recessed Chin/ Weak Chin

Heather Matarazzo

celebrities with receding chin

Phil Leeds

celebrities with receding chin

Bristol Palin

celebrities with receding chin

Stassi Schroeder

celebrities with receding chin

Adults With Recessed Chin

receding chin

receding chin

receding chin

Children With Recessed Chin

receding chin baby

receding chin baby


It is recommended you make an appointment with your doctor if you see any signs of a receding chin. There are various websites offering quick fixes such as chin fillers, however, we recommend meeting with an expert to identify the best possible way of treating the recession. 

You can always practice Mewing and other jawline exercises if you feel that the extra facial fat is making your jaw look weak, however, if the chin is severely recessed, only a professional will be able to fix it. 

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