4 Incredible Mewing Transformation Results: Before And After [Updated 2022]


Mewing is relatively a new concept. Though sufficient amount of research has been carried out, one cannot really claim about the effectiveness. Prof. John & Mike Mew have shared scientific analysis on why mewing transformation takes place, if you want to learn the science behind it then you can follow their channel called Orthotropics on YouTube or you can read it here: Mewing & Orthotropy

The internet is totally rife with mewing transformation taking place all across the globe. You can find people posting their mewing transformations on Instagram, Quora, and even sharing the same through YouTube videos. Having grown popular at the turn of the year, mewing has become a new health craze around the world. Getting a sharp jawline within the span of 3-6 months seems to be on everybody’s agenda.

What is Mewing Transformation? 

A term used to determine the changes in the facial structure over time to determine the effectiveness of mewing. Mewing is simple as explained through our mewing formula. If you practice it consistently, you are bound to get positive results within a period of 1-2 years. However, for most people, especially youngsters, results are visible within 3-6 months.

How much time is Mewing Transformation visible?

Results are not time-bound and based upon your age, facial structure, and other aspects, changes might differ. Many people leave mewing thinking it’s ineffective, rendering their 2-3 months of effort ineffective. DO NOT DO THAT! Restructuring your facial structure takes time. Results aren’t visible overnight; they take time and dedication. Be Patient!

FAQs about Mewing Transformation

  • Have your tried mewing yet?
  • Can you see the results?
  • Can you feel the difference?
  • Is Mewing effective?
  • Is this mewing transformation real?
  • What is the science behind mewing?
  • I’m 45, is mewing transformation possible?
  • Does mewing transformation work for women too?

These are often the most common questions posted online. People who are in their 40s and 50s are too keen to find an answer to whether mewing can affect their faces positively. Well, that is why we are here. To solve mewing transformation-related queries and to provide you insights into whether it’s working or not.

As explained in our mewing guide, you will feel the change over time.

Unbelievable Mewing Transformation results

Adding to the science of mewing, here are few incredible mewing transformation results as posted by Instagram users in the last couple of months:

1-month Mewing Transformation 

Mewing Transformation

Emilia_Ruth: Sharing her transformation story, Emilia highlights how her fat and wide tongue made it easy for her to accidentally mew. She then goes on to share her tips on mewing. She shares how subconscious mewing is proving to be helpful.

4 months Mewing Transformation

mewing transformation

As uploaded online, here’s a photo of a seventeen-year-old who seems to have an improved jawline due to mewing. If you see closely, you will notice that it’s not just the jawline but also the facial posture which seems more upright.

6 months Mewing Transformation 

Mewing Transformation

Kewickz: Presenting his 6 months mewing transformation journey is Instagram user Kewickz. You can see how he has achieved a shaped jaw and improved facial structure with mewing. Kewickz shares his mewing experience saying, “The correct tongue posture of a strong tongue combined with strong muscles of mastication (the chewing muscles of the Temporal, Masseter, Pterygoid) are required to grow the face to the beauty of whatever phenotype that the person exhibits.”

1-year Mewing Transformation Results

mewing transformation

Woodland.Wandering: Sharing her one year result, she emphasizes healing her adrenals, lowering inflammation, and curing her depression. She shares the comparing snap where the left picture is the current state, the middle is 6 months old and the right one is about a year ago. What I like about her results is that she’s not completely relying on mewing but trying various methods to get in good shape.


An important consideration in her post is that she also shares some diet secrets which involves:

  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Eating modified Keto
  3. Mewing

All three combined have had a tremendous impact on her facial transformation.

I have been mewing on top of intermittent fasting and eating a modified paleo/keto protocol which is what made the biggest impact on the recomposition/toning of my face.

While all of these users are acknowledging the impact of mewing, they are also emphasizing on the importance of diet and their personal lifestyle. As it goes, mewing won’t work on its own without you following a proper lifestyle. An active lifestyle makes results turn out faster.

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In case, if you feel that your mewing isn’t driving any results, the aforementioned pictures will help you stay motivated. Do not give up. There are numerous factors that impact your facial structure and if you keep tabs on them, you will succeed. Lastly, do not forget to breathe from the nose. That’s the most important element after the correct placement of the tongue. Lastly, click the mewing transformation pictures correctly; there are many factors in an image which skew the mewing results. Lastly, watch the most recent mewing transformation by Tina Tomato, sharing her experience:


Enhance your knowledge of mewing by simply choosing from the topics below:


26 thoughts on “4 Incredible Mewing Transformation Results: Before And After [Updated 2022]”

  1. I am 42 year old woman .can I get results if I do mewing and how long will it take? . minimum and maximum time .please answer me.

    • Hey Ritu,
      Great to see that determination.
      Mewing generally works faster for teenagers and young adults.
      However, it’s the correct practice and regardless of the age. If you mew and avoid mouth breathing, you can improve your overall health.
      So, there’s no reason why should be holding yourself back.


    • doesnt matter if your age is above 40 or 50 , what matter is that you are fit and not have to much fat around your face …. keep mewing youll see result BEST OF LUCK

  2. Hi my son is 13 year old he has wide nose with big nostrils.i have heard that mewing widens nose more.or is it possible to get correct nose shape as small nostrils and thin and sharp nose by orthotropic treatment as he has to get teeth treatment done to straighten. Please reply.

    • Hey Ritu,
      It’ll be better if you consult an orthotropic.
      I haven’t had a case of nostrils expansion due to mewing.
      However, he is still 13, so there’s a lot to come in terms of growth.
      With regards to teeth treatment, you can consult an orthotropic. That’d be great.

    • Depends upon a lot of factors. I’ve seen case studies on orthotropics.com which range from 2-5 years with excellent results.

  3. Hi, I am a 32yo male. Before I discovered mewing (just a month ago) I’ve always rested my tongue on my lower jaw because I’ve been conditioned to do some from years of wearing braces and additional years of wearing retainers. I realized that my upper jaw is narrower after braces since I bite my tongue more frequently and my tongue doesn’t actually “fit” into the roof of my palette. I don’t know if it’s related to the braces but over the years my face has developed an asymmetrical appearance.

    Since I’ve been mewing I noticed my tongue wants to naturally push my right top palette out more. So my question is should I focus more on expanding the upper arch or pushing out the right side, or both simultaneously? Will the lower jaw also adjust to the upper jaw accordingly?

    Mew Newb

    • Firstly, great to hear that you’re mewing.
      Secondly, over time, it will expand. Just focus on maintaining the proper posture. Don’t push to the right. Just keep it natural. When you push your tongue, ensure that you don’t exert too much pressure. The upper arch will expand over time.

      Keep Mewing.


  4. Guys do parts of your face move when you mew? those parts of my face would move when i stick my tongue up
    1)my “double chin” would be flat and stick up which is normal
    2) my chin would seem to move back and up or just up
    3)the part between where you check your pulse on your neck and below the ear and behind my lower jaw kind of fills up so from what i can see it is moving backwards (or a mix of backwards and upwards but mostly backwards from what i can tell).
    4) so i searched this part of the skull and i think its the temporal bone that is also moving when i mew which makes me feel pressure when i mew. If its not the temporal bone,its somewhere around it. it creates like a small hollow place on my side (ofc when i mew only). It is also the place that moves when you chew food.


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