Mewing Results: Does mewing really work?

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Mewing is everywhere. People are fascinated with this DIY technique which helps improve the overall facial structure. As covered a one of the earlier topics, mewing benefits extend from just an improved facial structure. There’s much more to mewing than just jawline. My assumptions turned into a reality when we conducted a poll on Instagram to check mewing results. We are relatively new to Instagram. With just 250 followers, the response that the poll generated was overwhelming to say the least.

mewing results

We posted an Instagram poll posing a question ‘Has mewing made your life better?’. In that mewing results poll, we got 104 responses and 78% voted that they had experienced a positive change in their life. However, it wasn’t just about the numbers. We asked people to DM us with reasoning and much to our expectations, we received over 35 responses. That’s staggering to say the least. This sample size by no stature of imagination was tiny given that our channel just has 250 followers.

Mewing Results Responses

We promised the fellow practitioners that if they direct message us with their reasons about their mewing results, the best answers will feature on our website. Thus, it’s time for us to share with you the best responses that we received through the polling.

Improved Confidence

“Mewing has definitely improved my life. I started at the tail end of 15 and have been going for 4 months and my face has just gotten so much better. Had a friend call me the crimson chin and that my chin is worthy of a Greek god. My mom even noticed my cheekbones growing. My confidence has been out of control which has definitely helped with girls.

They’ve been checking me out more and more. I’m very excited to see how it improves my face in the future. That’s without mentioning how much better my breathing is. I’m so glad I didn’t skip over the mike mew video because I was confused as hell. I’ve gotten my best friend into it and now I’m gonna show my girlfriend. Instagram pages like yours have certainly helped me so much too!” – Samuel Sepulveda

Improvement in eating habits

“I feel more confident about myself now also helped to correct my eating habits and posture.” – Fatema

Growth in masseter muscles

“I have only been mewing for 2 months now but I can already see some changes. I chew falim gum and my masseter muscles have grown a little bit. The right side of my face is weaker so I primarily chew on it to develop more symmetry. It is hard from time to time to always hold proper tongue posture but the tongue chewing method helps big time. I hope to develop a more symmetrical, aesthetic and masculine face over time. Thankfully I found out about mewing so I am definitely gonna keep up with the work and make more face gains along the way. Thank you for the info and help.” – Marc

Mewing with braces

“I think is because i have braces, i don’t think is doing nothing, 1 month doing mewing, i can feel my muscle stronger but nothing else.” – Simao Ribeiro

Jawline Contour

“My face is getting slimmer and waiting for my jawline to contour by itself.” – Ronaldo Leynes

Hard food with no pain

“It cured my 5 years straight painful TMJ which doctors could not treat in just ONE DAY only. It was 2 years when i could not chew any hard food due to huge pain, but when i mewed, i immediately ate hard food with no pain.” – Chris


These are legit mewing results which people have experienced in their life. These are not self-created quotes but legit responses from fellow mewers in the mewing community. Lastly I would like to say that due to many responses and most of them being in the same lines as these, we chose to select a handful which can clear the overall picture. These responses are clear and are pretty much in line with our thoughts that mewing really works.

Start Mewing Today

If you haven’t started with mewing, you can start by referring the mewing guide. If you’ve already started mewing and can’t see any mewing results, then you can check out these amazing mewing transformation stories.


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