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Mewing is relatively a new concept. Though sufficient amount of research has been carried out, one cannot really claim about the effectiveness. Prof. John & Mike Mew have shared scientific analysis on why mewing transformation takes place, if you want to learn the science behind it then you can follow their channel called Orthotropics on YouTube or you can read it here: Mewing & Orthotropy

We live in an age where most results we look for are instantaneously provided to us. Want to know about a specific query relating to Orthodontist? Simply type ‘Best Orthodontist near me’, ‘pediatric orthodontist’, ‘brace orthodontist’, ‘Dentist vs Orthodontist’ and you’ll get tailor-made results based upon your search. While Google is able to satiate your search desire, not every result can be attained within a fraction of a second. In this guide, we are following up on Mewing Before & After blog that we published a year ago

mewing jawline

When it comes to physical transformation, our body takes its own sweet time. The same is the case with Mewing Results, no matter how frustrating that is, it is a truth we can not change.

We have a lot of people messaging us on Social Media, asking us why they are not seeing results? By when can they expect Mewing Results? The truth is all of us are different and there is no one definite answer when it comes to Mewing results.

Our bodies are unique, there are a lot of factors involved like technique, lifestyle, and demographics such as age, weight, body fat, etc. 

Today we are discussing everything there is to know about Mewing and Mewing Results. This post is an update of the one we did last year on mewing before and after. So stick around till the end of the blog and you’ll drive home with some fascinating results. 

How to get Mewing Results?

To start noticing Mewing Results as soon as possible, make sure you follow the steps mentioned below –

Apt Technique

It takes longer for some mewers to see results because they end up following an incorrect technique for months before they realize the problem lies.

Mewing Before & After Results

We do not want you to land in a similar situation and hence we will break it down into simple steps that you can remember.

  • Entire Tongue on the upper palate
  • Molars lighting touching together
  • Lips sealed
  • Breath in through the nose

Nose Breathing

For some people Nasal breathing is the natural way to go, if that’s you, consider yourself lucky.

Mewing nasal breathing

We have known many Mewers that are used to breathing through their mouth. And because they are doing so from an early age, it can be challenging at first.

Mouth Taping

This is a good alternative if you want to make sure you are breathing through your nose throughout the night while you’re asleep.

Mewing Sleep Apnea

Mouth Taping also helps you sleep deeply, and have a healthier body. 

We would suggest researching yourself and consulting your doctor for additional information.

Proper Swallowing

An average person swallows around 1500 to 2000 times throughout a day.

Mewing Before & After Results

Even when we are not eating, we swallow the excess saliva inside our mouth. The correct way to swallow is to 

  • Close your lips
  • Place your tongue on the palate (on the bumpy area right between the hard and soft palate)
  • With the tip of the tongue on the roof, suck the rest of the tongue flat against the palate, slide the tongue back and swallow.


Consistency plays a vital role in achieving Mewing Results. The lower the consistency rate the longer it will take for you to see desirable mewing results. 

There is no stated amount of time for which one should maintain the Mewing tongue posture. 

As they say, Mewing is a lifestyle, you have to slowly incorporate it as a habit. 

So it is necessary you remind yourself time-to-time, to maintain the correct tongue posture. Set reminders, make sticky notes, and put them around your work station, or wherever you spend the most time of your day.

Posture Improvement

The second most important thing, other than maintaining a correct tongue body is – overall body posture. Mewing should be paired with an erect body posture for best Mewing results.

Mewing body fat

In simpler terms, you should make sure that your face and jaw align your chest, both with sitting and standing.

Controlling Body Fat

There is no second-guessing the fact that Mewing will not help reduce body fat. Also, if your body fat is exceeding the ideal percentage, you might want to alter your diet and lifestyle accordingly. There is a lot of research based on the ideal amount of body fat in men and women that you can read to expand your existing knowledge.

fat percentage in male and female

Ideal body fat will differ at different ages of your life. A healthy diet and exercising will help you lose weight and stay healthy. You may, of course, start Mewing while you go down the journey of losing body fat.

The Favorite Foods Diet

How long does it take to get mewing results?

There’s no such specified period in which you might see mewing results. It differs from person to person. Younger people do have an added benefit, they might see results earlier than people who have already entered adulthood. 

But it is never too late to begin, so even if you have crossed your teens you may as well start now. There are many transformation stories that showcase adult men and women achieving amazing results.

Will Mewing work for Young Adults?

When we state young adults we mean people right out of their teens that are stepping into early adulthood. Men and women of 19+ age classify as young adults.

mewing for adults

Now as we all know, at this point in life our physic has already developed, however, achieving Mewing Results is not impossible. As they say, better late than sorry. 

Mewing in early adults is going to work, the only difference is it might take longer than a child or a teenager. 

Mewing as a Teenager

When you are in your teen years your bones are still hardening and the sutures aren’t completely closed yet. This can be beneficial for young adults because their body is still in its transitional phase. 

And hence, any pressure on the upper palate and the maxilla will be reflected in their facial structure. So, the answer to your question – yes, teenagers may want to give Mewing a fair shot. This is the right time for you.

Mewing Results Mewing Results Mewing Results

Mewing as a Kid

The process of Orthotropics in children works wonders. The bones and muscles in their body are easily malleable and show results in the quickest. Hence, if you have a child with a dysfunctional bite, meaning an overbite or an underbite. You might want to consult a specialist.

Mewing John Mew Mewing Mike Mew Mewing Results Mewing Orthotropics

What does Mewing Before and After imply?

Mewing Before and After implies a transformation showcasing 2 sets of pictures, one taken before the correction of the tongue and body posture and the other taken afterward

The duration differs in every transformation picture and is most often mentioned in the caption with other information such as age and experience.

Even when the pictures aren’t labeled Mewing Before and After, the left one is usually before and the right one is the after. 

Mewing Results

Mewing 3 Months Transformation

3 months mewing results

3 months mewing results

Mewing 6 Months Transformation

6 months before and after mewing

6 months mewing results

Mewing 1 Year Transformation

16 years old Reddit user shares his one-year mewing transformation | Mewingpedia 

1 year mewing results

Other Impressive Mewing Results

Mewing before after adult results

Impressive mewing results unbelievable mewing results

Is Mewing Enough to Obtain Results?

Mewing is a simple concept that can have a huge impact on your facial structure. Mewing, by itself, is enough to change your facial features and sharpen your jawline. However, it sure can be paired with various jaw exercises, jaw training tools, and posture correction exercises. You can learn about some of the best jaw training tools from the table below. 

Chisell 2.0 

Chisell 2.0 gum

Jawliner 2.0 

Jawliner 2.0 gum


Jawzrsize ball exercise

Solaray Mastic Gum 

Mastic Gum Mewing

Falim Gum

Falim Gum mewing

Krinos Gum

Krinos mastic gum

Jaw exercises will add tension around your jaw muscles burning some extra fat. 

And when it comes to jaw training tools, there are silicone gums that facilitate mastication i.e. chewing. Through the help of these gums, you can work out your facial muscles making them stronger and wider.

We have a separate in-depth discussion on jaw training tools like Chisell, Jawliner, and JawzrsizeWe also have a blog discussing in length about the different jaw exercises for men and womenMake sure to read them for some extra knowledge to take home with you.

Final Thoughts

Various studies prove that mewing can help with ill-defined jawlines, sagging jowels or double chin, and also facial asymmetry. 

The key is to not give up too soon and keep practicing. Only constant practice will help you master the art of Mewing and maintaining the ideal tongue posture.

The results above speak for themselves. Mewing results in tighter masseter muscles, well-shaped jawline, and a lifted facial structure. 

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