Mewing Formula: Secret to a sexy jawline

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In a time, where the internet is buzzing about mewing, we studied science and came up with a simple formula.


The Mewing Formula as put forward by us is just a simplified guide to help you get started with mewing. It in no ways guarantees results. People across the social media platforms are posting their transformation results, however, we do claim that it works 100%.

The effort here was to breakdown the complex terminologies and make mewing understandable to almost everyone. While terms like maxilla, mandible, trigone can be too scientific to understand, it’s not so when they are showcased in a diagram:


Now that you have a diagrammatic representation in front of you, it will be easy to start with mewing formula.

Elements that matter in Mewing

    1. Tongue: The most integral part of mewing because without rolling the tongue, you cannot start mewing.
    2. Palates: Palates both hard and soft play a crucial role in the art of mewing. You are required to roll your tongue and stick it to the palate.
    3. Teeth: Resting your teeth is where you will feel the difference. The moment you rest your molars against each other, you will witness a change in your facial structure. It’s important for you to place your teeth gently for facial transformation, and not apply excessive pressure.
    4. Nose: Nose has the most vital role in mewing. How? You must breathe from it. Usually, we all breathe through a combination of nose & mouth. However, for mewing to work, you should completely rely on your nose. Breathing through your nose will help create a vacuum which is the major difference-maker.

THE MEWING FORMULA by mewingpedia

  1. Stick your tongue to the palate
  2. Rest your molars against each other
  3. Close your mouth
  4. Nasal breathing
  5. Practice consistently

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Sticking Your Tongue to the Palate

Sticking your tongue to the palate requires you to roll your tongue and rest it. Do not apply force as it might have a reverse effect and prove to harmful. Just make sure, you stick your tongue against your palate, don’t try too hard. If your tongue is fat and wide, you might have difficulty initially, but over time, with practice, you’ll be able to do it effortlessly.

Rest your molars gently on each other 

Usually, the teeth rest in front of each other. However, in the mewing which requires the correct tongue posture, teeth need to rest gently on each other. As soon as you do it, you will feel your jaws in action. Overtime, correct teeth placement will considerably add to the cosmetic value to your transformation.

Keep your mouth closed 

Close your mouth like you usually do. Keep it closed. Most of the times while we are tired, we try to open it and breathe through it, do not do that. Keep the mouth closed and your teeth gently resting on each other with your tongue resting against your palate.

Breathe to your full capacity 

Mewing works majorly because of the shift in breathing pattern. As per numerous studies, Breathing through the nose comes with tremendous health benefits. However, only 10 to 20% of people breathe to their full capacity. This phenomenon is known as restricted breathing.

Such practice causes detrimental effects to your body such as decreased energy levels, decreased respiratory functions, high blood pressure and some studies suggest it to be a contributing factor to several forms of cancer. With mewing which ensures nasal breathing, you emphasize breathing with your nose and to its full capacity.

Be consistent with Mewing 

Mewing results cannot be obtained overnight. They take considerable time, efforts and dedication. It is not a quick fix and if you feel you will get noticeable results within a week, you’re delusional. Don’t keep high hopes, just stay committed to the art. Practice will make you perfect & it will help you develop a subconscious habit – the ultimate aim.


The Mewing Formula is a great way to get started with mewing. Keep practicing, do not stress your mouth, it will all work out over a period of time. If you want to learn about mewing in detail, you can read the Mewing 101: Ultimate Guide.

If you have some questions or suggestions for us, leave them in the comment section below. Happy Mewing.


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  1. Hello, I’ve seen so many different mewing guides, I saw in a article that rolling the tip of your toungue on the roof is bad but when I get the back part of my toungue up the tip of my toungue naturally rolls up on the roof will mewing still work for me?

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