Mewing Appliance Review | Updated for 2021

Mewing as a concept has spread across the internet like wildfire. More and more people are getting to know about the correct tongue posture and the impact it can make on one’s face and body.

However, a lot of people struggle to maintain this posture all day long. Issues related to breathing and not remembering to mew all day are very common. These difficulties have led to the invention of the product we are going to speak about today.

Mewing Appliance is a tool that helps to maintain the proper tongue posture and improve facial appearance.

Why do you need a Mewing Appliance?

Everyone wants to look and feel their absolute best. Mewing is not only the path to a better-looking face but also a healthier body. We have often discussed the various health benefits associated with mewing, for example, complete reliance on nasal breathing and many more.

Even though the benefits attached are several and the technique in itself is quite simple, getting a hang of it can be a long and stressful process. It only gets better with constant practice.

A bad tongue posture is a culprit behind a poorly developed face. Mewing Appliance tackles this problem by helping you push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Let’s learn more about this tool.

What is a Mewing Appliance?

Mewing Appliance helps people that are suffering from improper tongue posture by providing adequate tools and information about mewing.

Mewing Appliance

This device helps the tongue stay glued on the palate, to maintain proper tongue posture consistently. 

Once placed in the mouth, the device forces the tongue to mew properly by making it uncomfortable when it drops from the palate. Made by using medical-grade silicone, the device is safe for prolonged oral use.

Mewing Appliance Design

A good amount of research went into the designing of this appliance. After a lot of trial and errors, an O shape was found ideal as it helped to evenly distribute tongue pressure on the palate.

Mewing Appliance Review

The technique of Mewing needs you to flatten your entire tongue (including the posterior third) on the roof of your mouth. While mewing with the appliance, you are supposed to feel both the inner and the outer circle of the device. If you do feel them, that indicates that you are using the device properly.

How to use the Mewing Appliance?

The Mewing Appliance is designed to train the tongue to remain on the roof at all times except when you are talking or eating. To use the device, follow the following steps:

How to use Mewing Appliance


  1. Place the device at the center of the tongue. 
  2. Push the tongue against the palate.
  3. You will feel the device pressed entirely against the palate, this means you are mewing correctly.

Mewing Appliance Review


It is recommended to use this device for one hour every day. Doing so will train you to mew. The goal is to be able to mew at all times, even while sleeping. Once you get there, chances are, you wouldn’t even require to use the appliance anymore.

Mewing Appliance Results

Most mewers report positive results through mewing between 6-12 months. However, age is an important factor, making results vary from person to person.

Getting the technique right is tricky, but it is possible to be mewing subconsciously, on a permanent basis as a part of your default posture. Here are some results achieved through Mewing.

Mewing Appliance Result Mewing Appliance Result Mewing Appliance Result Mewing Appliance Result

Mewing Appliance Reviews

Mewing Appliance Review

How To Shop?

You can shop the Mewing Appliance on their official website. Currently, they are running a fall discount of 50% off on orders.

Other Perks


You can ask for a refund within two weeks of receiving the Mewing Appliance if you are dissatisfied with it. A full refund will be made without you having to ship the product back.

Free Shipping

The device reaches you within two weeks if you reside in the United States and within three weeks internationally.

Lifetime Replacement

A free lifetime replacement is offered by the brand, in case of loss or damage. All you have to do is send an email to product@mewingappliance.com within 2 weeks of receiving the device.


How to clean the Mewing Appliance?

Wet the product in running water and use soap to scrub it for 25 seconds. Alternatively, you can soak the device in mouthwash for 45 seconds.

It is recommended to clean the device every time you use, this prevents bacteria from accumulating on it which can cause sore throat.

Can a piece of gum be used instead?

Yes, however, using chewing gum has its cons. Firstly, it degrades quickly. Additionally, it doesn’t make you uncomfortable when you stop mewing because of its malleable texture.

Can I talk when using the Mewing Appliance?

It is recommended that you shift the device using your tongue to fit against your cheek while talking. This approach is less troublesome than removing the ring every time you talk.

Can I sleep when using the Mewing Appliance?

It is not recommended to sleep with the device because it is a choking hazard. However, the device does help you mew at night as it trains your tongue throughout the day which tends to carry over at night.

Can my child use the Mewing Appliance?

No, it should not be used by people under 18 years of age due to its choking hazard.

Final Thoughts

Mewing Appliance is one of a kind product that seems to offer a great deal and we would definitely recommend you to give it a sincere try.

The appliance is simple yet effective in doing its job. The perks attached to the product make it even better. If you do try out this appliance, let us know your feedback about the experience on our social media handles.

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