Low vs High Cheekbones – Is One Better Than The Other?

Have you ever wondered, what makes an individual much more attractive than others? Well, looks like you are not the only one! There are several studies conducted to answer this particular question.

Low vs High Cheekbones

Some of these studies claim that your cheekbones play an immense role in deciding whether you are attractive or not, with people having higher cheekbones topping the attractive list.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that beauty is subjective, and perspectives differ from one individual to the other. Let’s jump right in to discuss Low vs High Cheekbones. 

What are High Cheekbones?

High vs low cheekbones

We frequently use the term ‘High Cheekbones’ without considering the true definition of it. The way you differentiate between low vs high cheekbones is – High Cheekbones are situated below the eyes, adjacent to the nose bridge.

High Cheekbones make your face look wider from the center rather than your face looking long and flat. They also cause a dip in the cheeks resulting in a shadow that adds up to the contours of your face.

What are Low Cheekbones?

Low Cheekbones translate to the malar bones resting near the lower part of the nose. You will find your cheekbones adjacent to the tip of your nose, this means you have low cheekbones.

Low cheekbones womenLow cheekbone women

Even though there is a stigma attached to low cheekbones, they do look equally unique and appealing as you can see in the pictures above.

Low vs High Cheekbones – Comparison

The question of low vs high cheekbones has risen multiple times, however, do we have a concrete answer?

Low Cheekbone vs High Cheekbone

Well no, because there is no competition between the two. They both have their unique set of characteristics. People with higher cheekbones have the broadest piece of their facial features under their eyes. On the other hand, people with low cheekbones have longer facial structures which are very rare in itself.

The only difference in low vs high cheekbones is that high cheekbones are beneath the eyes and beside the bridge of the nose while low cheekbones are placed slightly below in line with the tip of the nose.

Do People Prefer High Cheekbones?

High cheekbones are something that society has been labeling as desirable for ages. As far as the scientific explanation goes, according to many studies, high cheekbones make an exceptionally symmetrical face, which is visually much more appealing.

High cheekbones also indicate high levels of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. However, this doesn’t mean low cheekbones are undesirable. Low cheekbones are very rare and a unique facial characteristic to possess.

What Ethnicity has High Cheekbones?

Our facial structure is dominated by various elements such as descendants, ethnicity, genes, lifestyle, diet. Though, it is believed that native groups from Africa, Europe, Asia, and America had prominent high cheekbones.

what ethnicity has high cheekbones However, when studied carefully, we can tell what is common in all of these groups! It’s their active lifestyle and hard diet. Various studies have proven that hunters and gatherers have wide palates and straight teeth.

High Cheekbones – Celebrity version 

Hollywood celebrities with high cheekbones have always been the talk of the town. From early icons like Katharine Hepburn to Angelina Jolie, these ladies have been amongst the most appealing ladies on earth.

celebrities with high cheekbones

High cheekbones ,male celebrities

High cheekbones have been seen as the best feature among stars in Hollywood. Katharine Hepburn – a star for the many eras– was known for her high cheekbones. Even male celebs with High Cheekbones are very popular amongst young adults. 

How To Tell If You Have High Cheekbones?

This is a simple at-home test that you can conduct to locate your cheekbones.

  • Stage 1: To locate your cheekbones make sure you are standing in a place where there is plenty of natural light and that you are not wearing any makeup.
  • Stage 2: The next step is to put your thumb over your tragus (the small pointy thing on the ear) and your forefinger of the same hand, under your nostrils.
  • Step 3: Now slowly move the two fingers until they touch each other. The line drawn by these two fingers is where your malar bone is located.
  • Stage 4: Observe closely where the cheekbone is located. As mentioned above, if it is situated right underneath the eyes, you have high cheekbones. And if the bones are situated close to the lower part of the nose or beneath, you have low cheekbones.

Cheekbone Enhancement

Derma Fillers

This procedure doesn’t involve surgery and differs from an implant. It’s the least invasive, wherein cheekbone augmentation is done. The goal of this procedure is to add volume or provide a lift to the cheeks.

High Cheekbone Surgery

The doctor injects a filler substance inside the cheeks. The filler can be both natural, as well as synthetic.

The period of these fillers can vary from months to even years, depending on the quality. One of the advantages of the filler is that it doesn’t dissolve inside the body making it safe to use. 

Cheekbone Implants

Cheekbone implants are most often extracted and rendered from silicone. This is a procedure where the doctor inserts implants into the body tissue.

Cheekbone implants

High Cheekbone implants

This is the more invasive procedure out of the two. A major drawback, in this case, is scarring, which is non-negotiable as the surgeon makes an incision (surgical cut) before inserting the implant in the face or in the lower eyelid.

High/Prominent Cheekbones Through Make-up

If you do not wish to take a chance with the above mentioned clinical procedures, you can also enhance your cheekbones through cosmetics.

HIgh Cheekbones makeup

However, this will of course be temporary. The practice of contouring is what helps in emphasizing the look of your cheekbones and highlighting the structure of your face.

There are various YouTube tutorials on the art of contouring that you can refer to.

Final Thoughts

Low vs High Cheekbones is not a fair comparison, as both have their own unique look to it. Low cheekbones are just placed lower on the face, however, they look equally attractive. 

It is wise to start with makeup to play around with your look before you think about any form of cheekbone enhancement. The procedures mentioned in this blog are delicate in nature.

They must be carried out by a qualified doctor. It is to be kept in mind that these procedures are irreversible and will definitely change your appearance.

It’s very important to consult a doctor before the operation to make the correct decision for your health and well-being. 

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