Low Cheekbones: A Comprehensive Guide

We have created and dealt with many beauty standards in the past, however, as we step into this new generation, it is all about breaking the stereotypes created by our forefathers. Beauty is subjective and any beauty standard being followed is unjust. The world has hundreds of cultures and ethnicities and all of them have a different facial structure.

The difference in facial structures leads to a difference in the cheekbone structure. By studying these various groups we can understand more about Low Cheekbones vs High Cheekbones. 

What are Cheekbones?

Low Cheekbones

The bones underneath our eye socket are called cheekbones. They are called Zygomatic bones or malar bones in biological terms.

What are Low Cheekbones?

Low cheekbones translate to cheekbones that appear adjacent to the nose or below the nose. Scientifically, there are no pros or cons to low cheekbones. When your cheekbones are situated lower than usual, you are said to have ‘Low Cheekbones’.

Low cheekbones women

However, It is said, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. Scientific studies prove that what people think as beauty is merely ‘Facial Symmetry’. It is said that symmetry is a sign of good health.

Low Cheekbones vs High Cheekbones

Low cheekbones men

While speaking of high vs low cheekbones, there aren’t any real pros and cons attached to either of the two. It definitely changes your look but there is no impact on your health due to high or low cheekbones. However, according to science, there is a correlation between your facial features and beauty. Let’s understand what it is!

Researchers have proved that individuals with high cheekbones are considered more attractive. High malar bones indicate high levels of estrogen in women. Estrogen is a hormone that reflects the reproductive levels in women. High Cheekbones are also linked to facial symmetry. In olden times, people with facial asymmetry were claimed to inherit disabilities or health issues.

Some studies also show that individuals with higher brow bones and prominent high cheekbones are more trustworthy. Of course, Now, these are merely traits and observations made during studies and surveys and are not to be taken literally.

How To Tell If You Have High Cheekbones Or Low Cheekbones?

It is important to know that there is no exact science to determine what category you fall in. However, there is one basic and easy way that we are going to discuss today. Here we go…

Low Cheekbones

#1 After you remove your makeup, stand in front of a mirror in an area with good natural lighting.

#2 Place your thumb at the top of your ear and place your index finger between your nose and upper lips.

#3 Move both of your index finger and thumb towards each other while making a line – the line that is drawn is exactly where your cheekbone is located.

#4 Once you have found the placement of your cheekbone, identify the position carefully, is it located closer to the bottom of your nose or under your eyes?

If the line of the cheekbone appears right below the eye or near the bridge of your nose, it means you have high cheekbones, and if the line of the cheekbone is located towards the bottom of the nose, that means your cheekbones are placed lower and you have low cheekbones.

Are Low Cheekbones less Attractive?

Low Cheekbones

There might be a stigma attached to Low cheekbones however, they make you unique in a world where beauty has been patented for many years. It might come naturally to us to picture high cheekbones as a sign of confidence, but it cannot compete with real and unadulterated confidence, regardless of your looks.

Final Thoughts

Beauty is an individual and highly subjective matter to evaluate and put a label on. There are no “good” or “bad” cheekbones. People have believed in a certain standard of beauty for ages and hence, they tend to have developed a pattern. 

There are various kinds of facial features, each carries its own charm and beauty. We would like to sum up by saying, do not let any set of societal preferences be a source of insecurity for your own self. 

Cosmetic procedures range from temporary and relatively inexpensive to more serious and costly. Remember that having high cheekbones or low cheekbones isn’t a definite symbol of your attractiveness

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