Looksmaxxing: Everything You Need To Know

In this modern age, we are all so busy making a living out of our careers that we often forget the importance of self-care. Looksmaxxing is nothing but an all-in-one guide to taking your appearance and confidence to the next level.

Let’s understand step-by-step what looksmaxxing is all about. There are several elements to this process and it covers the A to Z of personality development.


What is Looksmaxxing? | Looksmaxxing 101

Looksmaxxing as a term means maximizing your looks. It focuses on various physique enhancing techniques such as workouts, skincare, fashion & styling, grooming, mewing, health supplements, etc.

If you commit to improving your appearance then you will naturally gain confidence, discipline, and an overall personality boost.


Softmaxxing is a blanket term mostly used to define all the looksmaxxing activities that do not involve surgical procedures.


Hardmaxxing, on the other hand, is more invasive as it includes all the physical activities plus surgical procedures including cosmetic surgery.

Let’s learn step-by-step what are the various elements you will have to inculcate in your lifestyle in order to looksmax.

Why Do You Need To Practice Looksmaxxing?

You need looksmaxxing at all stages of life. Whether it is to attract the opposite sex or even to land clients and excel at your work life. Your personality and social skills play an important role in your success.

When Looksmaxxing, one requires a ton of consistency and hard work. Along with this you also need to change your mindset about how you need to better your life through determination. The process of Looksmaxxing will not deliver results overnight, it is more of a lifetime of efforts to keep yourself fit and fabulous. 

How to Ace Looksmaxxing?


Looksmaxxing guide

Body Hair

Body hair is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to keep their entire body hairless while others like it natural. While there is nothing wrong with having a bit of hair on your arms, legs, and face, it is always hygienic to keep other areas clean.

People that have a great upper body built often like to keep it spotless for the obvious visual appeal.

You can either use a beard trimmer or hair removal cream to shave your chest, back and shoulder area. You might need some assistance while shaving your back as that area is not easily accessible.

Trimming your armpit hair is highly recommended as it also helps to control any foul body odor.

Next up is pubic hair, which should be cleaned adequately. You can do so with a beard trimmer or a razor. However, make sure the blades of these devices are brand new to avoid any cuts and bumps.


A thumb rule to consider while grooming your eyebrows is that less is more. If you have thin eyebrows, you can consider applying castor oil or any other natural oil to aid hair growth.

Alternatively, if you have bushy brows that need grooming. You can simply brush them up and trim the outgrown hair. You will find plenty of videos online about the same.

Facial Hair

Facial hair has the ability to drastically change your appearance. You can give yourself a faux jawline with a nicely shaped beard.

looksmaxxing facial hair


Looksmaxxing Fashion


Starting with the basics, simply adjusting the fit of your clothes can improve your wardrobe a lot. You want a fit that accentuates your body, makes your waist seem small and your shoulders broad.

Colour / Styling

When starting out, it’s best to stick to the basics. Pairing light bottoms with dark and dark bottoms with a light shirt or t-shirt will work fine. 

If you wish to get a little experimental, you add a statement piece that adds a pop of color. For example, a bright pair of sneakers with a very neutral colored outfit.


Remember, less is more. Do not go over overboard with bracelets and neckpieces. Try to accessories in a minimal chic way.

You can add sunglasses, a nice watch, or for a more street style look – a cap, bracelet, or chain.


looksmax routine

The most important thing in your looksmaxxing journey has to be your workout routine. In looksmaxxing, you concentrate on building muscle weight and getting in shape.

If you are overweight, none of the other activities will help you unless and until you start working out. You can start with basics and then go in heavy with weight lifting and stuff.

The two types of training the looksmaxxing community swears by is:

  1. Strength Training
  2. Hypertrophy Training

Make sure you are consistent with your exercises or you might gain weight rather than losing some.


looksmax diet plan

Getting enough nutrition is a vital part of any workout regime that people often miss out on, so we recommend using some supplements to push your looksmaxxing progress.

You can consult a professional for prescribed supplements you can consume. It is important to go to a professional as it all differs from person to person.

Your age, height, weight, BMI, body fat, type of workout, lifestyle -all of these elements decide what supplements you should be consuming.

You can ask for recommendations of protein supplements, multivitamins, and other mass gaining supplements.


Looksmaxxing Hair

A haircut can push your overall look ahead multiple times. Make sure you are regularly grooming your hair. You can research about haircuts that flatter your particular face shape.

looksmaxing face

Apart from getting a haircut, other haircare measures include choosing a shampoo that has no sulphate or parabens. The more organic and clean the ingredients, the better your hair will feel.

You can also look into beard and hair oils to further nourish your hair.

Cosmetic Surgery

looksmaxing plastic surgery

People consider cosmetic surgery as ‘hardmaxx’. The impact of it can substantially impact your appearance. Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance.

There are cases in which cosmetic surgery is the last resort like deep burns or brutal face injuries. Apart from that, we do not suggest diving into surgery right away as the results are irreversible and cost a lot.

About the cost of cosmetic surgeries in looksmaxxing, it is very difficult to determine the exact cost incurred through a surgery. The cost differs in every person and the desired outcomes of each person are different too.


looksmaxing guide

Most guys neglect skincare altogether. This is where skinmaxxing comes in, if you want to enhance your appearance to the highest level then you do need a good skincare routine.

While skincare may seem very extensive it is rather simple. For a simple yet effective skincare routine, all you need are these few products:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen (SPF30+)

You can find all these three things under $50 online. You can also look for them at your nearest drugstore. 

Remember, you should first know what skin type you belong to. The different skin types include:

  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination

You can visit a skin specialist to know your skin type and the best products suited for you. Make sure you cleanse, moisturize twice a day. You should mandatorily wear sunscreen before leaving the house.

To go the extra mile, you can also include a vitamin c serum to brighten your skin and lighten any dark spots on your face.


looksmaxxing mewing

Mewing originates from Orthotropics, which is a concept that was invented by Professor John Mew in 1966. Orthotropics means correct growth achieved via proper tongue posture and is based on the Tropic Premise.

looksmaxxing results

The idea behind the Tropic Premise is that you should look to maintain the following position for 4 to 8 hours a day:

  • Tongue pressed up against the palate
  • Lips sealed
  • Molar teeth touching gently together

looksmaxxing Mewing

If you start mewing your face and jaw will become sharper. We have an in-depth guide on how to mew that you can refer to. Also, we have listed some great mewing before and after transformation pictures to get you motivated.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely start your looksmaxxing journey. Though we do not recommend considering surgical procedures right away, you can surely start with softmaxxing.


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