DO NOT BUY JAWZRSIZE before reading this review (2021)

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Jawzrsize is one particular product that has raving reviews across the web. It has taken the internet by storm and you’re most likely to find Brandon’s crazy jaw training drills in your Instagram feed. Thus, today after two years, we’ve finally decided to add this Jawzrsize Review to our blog so you can make an informed decision. 

So what separates Jawzrsize from other jaw training tools out there? According to me, it’s Brandon’s great marketing and out-of-box approach on social media. So before we begin with this detailed Jawzrsize Review, let’s understand the reason why we’re inclined towards jaw training. 

Why are we inclined towards jaw training exercises?

This new age has brought upon us the gift of cognizance, every individual is constantly analyzing, looking for answers, and finding solutions as to how one can improve themselves. 

Be it your physical appeal or your facial features, you have to admit that we are more conscious about it than ever. 

Today, we are going to answer all your questions related to the revolutionary jaw training tool – Jawzrsize – in this comprehensive Jawzrsize Review. 

Purpose | What is Jawzrsize?

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Jawzrsize is a tool focused on jaw and neck exercises that claim to help achieve a chiseled and sharper jawline. The tool is simple, a round-shaped silicone ball that you simply have to bite down on, this action will in return tone your face and neck muscles resulting in a leaner appearance.

The story behind Jawzrsize

It is not strange why we feel more in touch with a brand or influencer once we get a piece of their story from how and why they chose to begin their journey. The story behind Jawzrsize is quite gripping itself. And that has played a key role in convincing us to write this review.  

Brandon Harris CEO Jawzrsize | mewingpedia
Brandon Harris, CEO, Jawzrsize

The CEO of Jawzrsize, Brandon Harris, got into a motorcycle mishap in Oahu, Hawaii in 2014. At the time he was already recovering from a previous injury due to which the doctors had to wire his jaw shut for about 4 months.

This time the unlucky event put the young man in coma for about 2 weeks, suffering from brain damage and severely weakening two major muscles including his masseter muscle that is said to be one of the strongest muscles in the human body.

Two years later in 2016, Brandon developed Jawzrsize to mend his facial muscles. The tool not only helped his jaw recovery by 100% but also aided in double-chin reduction and regaining his confidence. 

About the product | Jawzrsize Evaluation

Jawzrsize Visual Appeal

Jawzrsize comes in four different variants, the difference being the resistance level in each. The user journey has been divided into four parts – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. The design is quite minimal and chic with different colors representing different resistance levels in the products.

Jawsrsize Review | Product Line | mewingpedia

Jawzrsize Specifications

The different resistance levels on these are 20 lbs, 30 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs respectively. The product comes with two biting strips top, and bottom that can be molded as per your teeth placement, all you have to do is bite down on the strips for 20 minutes per day. 

This facial workout is meant to activate 57+ muscles and increase metabolism to lose excess face fat. The products are made in the USA from food-grade silicone and polyurethane. They are BPA free and FDA compliant. 

Apart from the facial exercising tools, you can also get yourself an extra pair of bite strips once it wears off, a rubber lanyard to quickly access your Jawzrsize during a workout, and a plastic protection case apt for travel purposes. 

Jawzrsize Color Variants

Jawzrsize comes in several different colors. The brand mainly focuses on blues and greens however also has a couple of pinks and purples to keep things quirky. 

Jawzrsize Availability

Jawzrsize is available for purchase on Amazon. The brand also has a 60-day return and refund policy if you purchase from their website. Though, I highly doubt that you won’t be satisfied. In case you are, the policy comes in handy.

User Guide | How to use Jawzrsize?

How to Fit Your Jawzrsize?

  • To custom fit your Jawzrsize, it is advisable you first try to get yourself familiarized with the product. To do so, stand in front of the mirror and dry-fit the product a couple of times to see how wide you will have to open your mouth for it to fit properly.
  • Now, boil some water for about 25-30 seconds and let it come to a full boil before you dip in our Jawzrsize for another 20-25 seconds.
  • Shake off the excess hot water off the product so you don’t burn yourself. Here, you have to also make sure you don’t let it over cool.
  • Position your index finger and thumb onto the product and bite on the strips. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Press on the outer edges of the biting stripes to maintain the roundness of the ball.
  •  Lastly, to permanently set your stripes, run it under cold water for a minute or so.

If reading text is not your thing, then instead of skimming through this Jawzrsize Review, you can watch the following video. Since it’ll help you understand the subject better through visual demonstration.

Note: In case you do not get the fit right the first time you can refit your Jawzrsize by following the same steps once again. 

How to Use Your Jawzrsize?

Once you are done setting up the fit, you are all set to start your facial exercise.

  • Insert the ball into your mouth and bite on the upper and lower strips.
  • Hold the bite for a few seconds and release it. Repeat this for about 20 minutes every day.
  •  Rinse the product after use.

Jawzrsize Review - How to Use?

Results | Jawzrsize Transformation Stories


Here are the before and after pictures! You can see more muscle definition and a more defined jawline!

Jawzrsize results

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Just 90 days of use and look at his neck. Goodbye double chin, buy now on Amazon.com

Jawzrsize results in 60 days

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Jawzrsize Reviews on Amazon

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Jawzrsize Review | FAQs

Is Jawzrsize effective?

There’s no one answer to this question, most reviews indicate great results, however, it all differs from individual to individual. It may be effective in toning your facial muscles but if you are seeking quick results it might not work for you.

Should you use Jawzrsize daily?

For any kind of exercise to work, it is important we turn it into a routine in order to give it a fair chance to deliver results. Hence, practicing facial exercise with Jawzrsize daily would be the ideal choice. Just 15-20 minutes is sufficient. 

Will Jawzrsize help my jaw?

Yes, Jawzrsize helps activate 57+ muscles on your face and neck including your jaws.

Can Jawzrsize make my facial features sharp?

Jawzrsize increases blood flow and oxygenation and also helps metabolism levels rise which results in the reduction of unwanted fat and ultimately sharper facial features. I’d recommend pairing this product with consistent mewing

What are the negative impacts of using Jawzrsize?

There are no proven negative impacts such as. However, if you are to take the reviews into consideration, some experienced toothache and gum bruising. Some medical professionals also have expressed worries about temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a painful jaw condition linked to excessive chewing.

Different complications when using Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize as a tool is pretty simple. However, complications may occur in case you have an underbite or an overbite or any other rare tooth conditions. We would advise consulting your orthodontist in this case.

How long does Jawzrsize take to see noticeable results?

One can notice signs of slight differences and improvements in 4-5 weeks. But if you are looking for sustainable results, we recommend practicing for a longer-term say 3-6 months.

Personal Verdict

After considering all the aspects, we would recommend giving Jawzrsize a sincere shot. Though there’s no clinical evidence support to this, the results speak for themselves. Just remember to listen to your body and do not go extreme with any kind of tool or exercise. I hope that this Jawzrsize Review helped you drive home with some valuable information. 

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