Thinking to BUY JAWLINER? Jawliner Reviews (Updated for 2022)

Ever wondered why celebrities are constantly spotted chewing gum? The obvious response to this one would guess is bad breath. However, there is another reason for chewing gum – Jaw workout.

In this Jawliner Review, we are going to break down all the queries surrounding this groundbreaking jaw training equipment. Stick with us towards the end of the blog for a pocket-friendly surprise.

What is Jawliner?

Jawliner is a jaw training tool, in simpler terms a ‘Silicone Gum’ that targets your temporalis, masseter, and pterygoideus medialis, muscles which contour your jaw and provide a more defined jawline. In addition, it also tones the skin around the face and neck areas.

The equipment is uniquely designed to be compact and comfortable while chewing on, the special or let us say unusual shape ensures that you can reach areas that hardly get exertion while you usually chew on something. 

The gum is made of 100% BPA and PVC free food silicone and has the right amount of firmness for you to train your way to a perfect jawline.

Jawliner 1.0 v/s Jawliner 2.0

Jawliner review: Jawliner 1.0 vs Jawliner 2.0

Note: On the left is Jawliner 1.0 and on the right is Jawliner 2.0

The Jawliner 2.0 is the advanced version of the previously released Jawliner 1.0 with further developments such as better durability and fit. The improved silicone material helps in retaining power and strength. 

The improved design has a longer shape and extended holes that provide a higher level of resistance when biting which results in more intense jaw training.

Jawliner 3.0

Jawliner has now launched a new product Jawliner 3.0 tap here to read the review.

Jawliner 2.0 – First Look


Jawliner – Different Variants

Jawliner Review

Jawliner 2.0 comes in two different variants, the difference being the hardness level. One is medium and the other is hard – you can distinguish one from the other by their color. 

The medium gum is grey and the hard is jet black and they are both flavored to add that extra oomph. You can get them in mint flavor to add some taste into your facial workout routine.

For both the Jawliner 2.0 variants and powerful rubbers, beginners are recommended to start with the medium one and upgrade to the hard one as and when the first one wears off. 

While making a purchase you also get a short instruction manual to ensure correct usage, we suggest going through it thoroughly before practice. Because though we will try and cover all the important steps in our Jawliner Review, we might miss out on some points. So, make sure to read the manual well. 

How to use Jawliner 2.0?

In this Jawliner Review, we will share with you the step-by-step guide through which you can start your jaw workout journey right away!


jawliner placement

Start with rinsing your Jawliner 2.0 with some warm water. To begin with, only take one of the two gums you have and place them on your right molar teeth – the flat teeth at the back of the mouth.


jawliner review masticate

Start chewing on the curved and rough surface. Chew slowly at first till the extreme limit and hold for a second. Continue for about a minute until your jaw muscles feel tired.

Go Faster

Jawliner fast chewing

Chew for another one minute although this time a little faster.

Switch to the other side

How to use jawliner

Switch to the other side, place your Jawliner 2.0 on the left side this time, and continue chewing. Follow the same pattern – a minute of slow chewing followed by controlled fast chewing motions for another one minute.

Relax and Repeat

Jawliner effective chewing

Relax your muscles for about two minutes. Now repeat the exercise, only this time place both the gums in the pair on each side of your molar teeth. You will find it harder to chew this time. You should be able to repeat the controlled up and down movements about 10-20 times. And you are done!

Things to remember

Jawliner user guide

By the end of this session, you will begin to feel the difference. Repeat this workout every second day. Do not exceed the workout for more than 5-10 minutes. Read the instruction manual before you begin.

teeth structure mewing

An important thing we want to share with you in this Jawliner Review is to be careful. Do not chew on the gum with the help of the incisors and canines, or else you will tear down the product much faster.

Jawliner 2.0 paired with Mewing

Mewing is a technique that involves pushing your tongue against your palate (roof of your mouth) with your molars touching together to ensure a stable facial structure.

We would recommend pairing your Jawliner 2.0 workout with consistent Mewing, if you are new to the concept, here is a simplified explanation of how simple it is.


  1. Stick your tongue to the palate
  2. Rest your molars against each other
  3. Close your mouth
  4. Breathe through your nose
  5. Practice consistently

In this blog, we are sticking with everything related to the Jawliner Review. However, if you want to read in-depth, check out our mewing guide. If you want to check out mewing transformation to motivate yourself to get started. Feel free to check it out by the end of this review. 

Jawliner 2.0 Transformations  

Jawliner transformation

Here are some transformation photos worth looking at. Jawliner 2.0 is a safe and inexpensive jaw training gum that shows organic results in weeks. Couple them with the results we get with mewing transformation and you’re certain to get mind-blowing results in 3-6 months. 

We’ll be honest with you in this jawliner review. A lot depends upon your body fat. If your body fat is low, you can see results right after 3-6 weeks of training. But as we know, any natural change takes time, here we are trying to achieve muscle build-up and hence the vision should be long term. On average, Jawliner 2.0 users have seen results in 3-6 months.

Jawliner Reviews

Jawliner 2.0 reviews Jawliner Facebook Reviews Is jawliner genuine?

How to shop for Jawliner?

You can order a pair of Jawliner 2.0 from their official website:  Jawliner.com or click the button below. 

 jawliner 2.0 shop now

We also have a discount coupon for all our readers, if you are interested in buying the amazing Jawliner 2.0 use coupon code ‘MARKM10’ for a 10% discount.


  • What is the difference between Jawliner Medium and Hard?

The difference between both variables is the resistance level or the firmness of the gum.

Jawliner review

  • How long does a pair last?

Wear-and-tear depends on the strength of your jaw. A Jawliner 2.0 gum lasts for 1-3 months on average.

  • Is Jawliner 2.0 made from any toxic materials?

The gum is made of 100% BPA and PVC free food silicone.

  • How long does the mint flavor last?

The flavor lasts up to 1-3 months.

  • How long should one train?

Do not train more than 5-10 minutes a day every alternate day.

  • What is the difference in results through Mewing and Jawliner 2.0?

Through Jawliner 2.0 the goal is to grow muscle mass and reshape your face. Hence the results are seen in a shorter period of time. Whereas, Mewing is a lifestyle change surrounding your tongue posture which in return improves the position of the Jaw bone and hence is a longer-term process.

  • Are there any chances of TMJ damage?

It is confirmed by Orthodontists, that training with Jawliner 2.0 is not harmful. However, do not exceed the recommended amount of time that is 5-10 minutes. 

  • Where does Jawliner ship from?

Jawliner is developed and designed in Germany and shipped worldwide.


In conclusion, Jawliner 2.0 allows you to have a sweat-free workout almost anywhere. It trains the sexiest muscle on your face boosting your confidence. We have read several great reviews and heard from several genuine users about the product and we highly recommend trying it out for yourself. I hope this Jawliner review was helpful. Do not forget to use the discount coupon and do let us know about your experience here or on our Instagram page


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