JAWLINER 3.0 Review – Worth Your Money?

JAWLINER 3.0 review

Looking for a tool that defines your jaw? Over the past couple of years, we’ve reviewed several jaw training tools. In this review, we’ll tell you about the latest version in the jawliner series.  

Jawliner is now out with a new product Jawliner 3.0 which is claimed to be 80% more durable than the previous version, the jawliner 2.0. Stay tuned for more details about the product. 

What is Jawliner?

Jawliner is the hardest chewing gum which gives you a strong and chiseled jawline. Which is specially designed for facial fitness. This tool consists of two layers of the ultrabite-resistant outer layer that protect the inside of the jawliner even from particular sharp teeth. Additionally, the surface is equipped with non-slip material to ensure a firm grip on your molars.

Jawliner 3.0 – First Look

Jawliner – Different Variants

Jawliner 3.0 comes in three variants – Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. These are the three degrees of hardness and are said to be more distinctive than Jawliner 2.0.  


Jawliner Beginner

The Jawliner Beginner is designed especially for those who want to successfully train their jawline and facial musculature.


Jawliner Advanced is recommended for those who have some experience with jaw muscle training


Jawliner Expert would be appropriate for those who find jawliner advanced too easy. The Expert level is not for beginners! 

According to their website With 80 kg/cms, your jaw presses almost as much as you do on the weight bench.  

How to use jawliner 3.0?

Start the workout

Rinse your jawliner with water, then place one on the right side and one on the left side of the molars. Make sure you place them between the last 2 teeth for more efficient exercise. 

Right position 

Place the jawliner in a way so that the dotted and curved sides should rest on the surface of your molars. From now on, the jawliner should not move. This is the desired position. Be careful to not chew on the canines or front teeth. otherwise, you will destroy the jawliner and that is not covered by the warranty policy in case of incorrect usage!

Chew slowly 

Start chewing on the dotted and curved surface. Move only up and down to stay focused on your chewing movement until you feel the pain in your jaw muscles, that means it is working. This should take around 2 minutes.

Chew fast

Chew quickly for another two minutes in the same position – only up and down 

Relax and Repeat 

Relax your jaws after the first set and repeat this set for 10-15 minutes every second day 

Clean it properly 

After the workout clean the jawliner with lukewarm water properly without destroying it 

Jawliner 3.0 Transformation 

Check out these transformation photos. Jawliner 3.0 is a healthy and effective jaw gum that shows promising results in a couple of weeks. use appropriately to see positive results. 

Customer reviews 

Jawliner 3.0 Testimonial

Jawliner 3.0 Review

5 Reasons Why You Must Buy Jawliner 3.0?

  • Jawliner offers a 1-year guarantee to all its customers
  • Hassle-free return policy in case of wear, and tear
  • 365-days replacement policy

Besides the general product support, here are a few medical reasons why the Jawliner 3.0 is a worthy investment.  

  • A natural and healthy product
  • Molars designed for hard chewing  
  • Low leverage effect 
  • Not dangerous for TMJ 
  • Certified product

Jawliner 3.0 FAQs

      1. How to shop for jawliner 3.0?

 You can place the order from the official website Jawliner.com 

      2. What makes JAWLINER 3.0 different from JAWLINER 2.0? 

  • Durability
  • Guarantee
  • Heath
  • Hardness level 

       3. What is the difference between “JAWLINER Beginner”, “JAWLINER               Advanced” and “JAWLINER Expert”? 

There is a difference that should not be overlooked. We recommend starting with JAWLINER Beginner if you are a beginner. You can later switch to JAWLINER Advanced. JAWLINER Expert is too extreme for most of you without experience and prior training.

The resistance of the JAWLINERs are:


80 kg/cm^2


  70 kg/cm^2


  60 kg/cm^2

If you still don’t know which jawliner to use you can take a short survey  on their website to get your personalized jawliner.

      4. What is the difference between JAWLINER training and Mewing? 

Through Jawliner you can grow your muscle mass and jaw muscles are trained in a short period. Whereas, mewing is a long-term process that changes your face shape by a certain tongue position

      5. How does jawliner 3.0 improve your appearance?

They claim that studies show we are more attracted to people with chiseled facial features: We love faces with strong, squared jawbones and hollow cheeks because they emanate self-confidence and look more interesting. We ourselves also feel more secure when we feel pretty. So, folks: let’s love ourselves!


To sum up, Jawliner 3.0 is a convenient product that allows you to work out anywhere. It increases your self-confidence by training your jaw muscles. This product has received several great reviews and we have heard from many genuine users about it, so we strongly recommend you try it out for yourself. I hope this Jawliner review was helpful.

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