Jaw Workout Ball: What Is It? Does It Help With Jawline?

It’s the era of sharp jawlines. A chiseled jawline has been the driving force amongst young boys and girls moving into fitness. While there are several types of equipment for your body muscle workout, there are only a few tailor-made for the jawline.

One of them has to be the ever-trending, Jaw workout balls that promise to keep you a sharp jawline within just a few weeks. These jaw workout balls are all over the internet, targeting young adults on every possible social media platform.

But do they actually work? If yes, then which ones the best? And what are the risks involved? Let’s answer all these questions one by one.

Do You Need To Workout Your Jaw?

Experts believe that the most commonly underdeveloped muscles are that of one’s jaw. This is because it is almost never exercised in workout sessions. While we depend a lot on these muscles, they are definitely the most neglected.

Hence, working out your jaw muscles is highly recommended. It helps in keeping your jawline toned and your skin looking tight. Apart from aesthetic benefits, it also helps the functioning of your facial and neck muscles.

Why Is A Jaw Workout Important?

Jaw workouts directly exercise the facial muscles around your jaw, thereby makeing your jawbone more prominent. In addition, jaw workouts provide hollow cheekbones and shred off excess fat on the face.

jaw workout

According to Valeria Georgescu, the brains behind FACE (Facial Activation Conscious Engagement), facial skin starts to deteriorate around the age of 25. That mainly happens due to the lack of facial muscles work out.

Lack of facial/jaw exercising causes the muscles to atrophy (reduce in size) and make your face drop south.

Jaw workouts are important as they help keep your face looking young. Researchers have proven that men/women with physical traits including a lean facial structure have better health, income, and are more attractive to the opposite sex.

What is a Jaw Workout ball?

Jaw Workout balls come is different variants. These are devices that are marketed by different brands, however, are basically the same end product.

Jaw Workout Ball

Jaw Workout balls are a simple device made from hard rubber, fitted with silicone biting strips. These biting strips can be customized as per your teeth using a boil-and-bite technique for a better fit.

These jaw workout balls are supposed to provide greater resistance than hard foods provide. The goal is to obtain a sharp jawline by biting in these balls for 20-30 minutes. Following mentioned are other claims made by the manufacturers.

  • Improved Facial Appearance
  • Sharper Jawline
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Enhanced Jaw Function
  • Relief from TMJ symptoms
  • Strengthening of Neck Muscles

Different Types of Jaw Workout Balls?

As mentioned above, these jaw workout balls look extremely identical, the only difference being the names and the brands that sell them. Let’s look at the different variants. 


Jaw Workout Ball

Jawzrsize is a device that focuses on jaw and neck workouts. It claims to help in achieving a chiseled jawline. The look of the tool is simple, a round silicone ball that you bite down on, this action is meant to tone your face and neck muscles resulting in fat loss.


Jaw Workout Ball

JawlineMe Fitness Ball is supposed to be a hands-free workout that allows you to exercise anywhere. It is meant to be used ten to fifteen minutes a day.

JawlineMe aims to provide a younger and healthier facial appearance and skin tightening by facial exercising. 

Decdeal Jaw Exerciser

Jaw Workout Ball

Mainly sold on Amazon, this product looks like an exact dupe of Jawzrsize. These jaw workout balls are manufactured in China and do not have any branding on them whatsoever. It is made from food-grade silicone and polyurethane which is safe to use.

The claims made by these sellers include:

  • Eliminating fat deposits around jawline and neck
  • Toning and tightening face, neck, and jawline
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Reducing cravings that aids weight loss
  • Activating facial muscles, increasing blood flow and oxygenation

Do Jawline Workout Ball work?

We need to understand that while the jaw can perform various functions efficiently for a lifetime, suddenly putting too much pressure on the jaw could result in some serious damage.

While facial exercises and jaw workout do benefit when done using the correct jaw workout tools for a prescribed period of time, these jaw workout balls do not provide these benefits.

Focusing on jaw joints and not muscles for time being, the amount of stress that these jaw workout balls put on your jaw joint could damage the joint. The stress will eventually lead to significant tearing of the cushioning disc of the joint or displacement of the disc. All of the excess jaw-action will lead to jaw popping and clicking. 

A common myth is that muscles that are weak cause TMJ. However, the fact is that it is common for patients with TMJ to have overdeveloped jaw muscles.

This overdevelopment takes place due to habits like jaw clenching, nail-biting, etc that have very similar force characteristics to these Jaw workout balls.

Jawline Workout Ball Alternatives | Healthy Jaw Exercises

The difference between healthy jaw exercises from these damaging jaw workout balls is the prominence on gentle conditioning and not extreme stress. Anyone looking to strengthen their jaw should start with moderate pressure initially.

Let’s look at some at-home exercises you can perform before investing in any tools. To start with, you can try placing your thumb below your chin to provide resistance against opening your mouth. 

Or you can do the opposite and with your mouth open, you can put your index finger between your lower front teeth and lower lip. Now try to close your mouth as you press against your teeth. 

This workout will help you develop your jaw muscles without having to worry about the strength of your jaw muscles and the stress applied to your jaw joints.

Other Jawline Workout Tools

There are other tools in the market that are mindfully curated for providing a sharp jawline. These target the molar teeth instead of the front teeth which makes a lot of difference. It is important you do not go overboard with these as well.


Chisell 2.0 Review

CHISELL is a jaw training tool, redesigned by a team of 5 including a rocket engineer, it is meant to provide a well-structured jaw and face. It helps accelerate jaw muscle growth and provide a chiseled jawline.

It comes with an instruction manual with 4 different workout routines and a progress tracker. You can workout using CHISELL for 10 minutes every day. You can read our entire review here.


Jawzrsize alternative

Jawliner is a jaw training gum that targets the three main jaw muscles – temporalis, masseter, and pterygoideus medialis, the muscles that contour the jaw. In addition, it also helps in toning the skin around the neck and jawline.

Jawliner comes in three different variants, the difference being the resistance level. Beginner, Advanced, and Expert, you can distinguish them by their color.

Mastic Gum

Mastic gum Chios

Mastic gum a sap that is derived from the mastic tree. The mastic tree is an all-season shrub that is found exclusively on the Greek island of Chios, pronounced as ‘key-ose’.

Mastic gum is used for a couple of different benefits. Depending on the need, mastic gum can be chewed as a substitute for regular chewing gum and also to keep your gut healthier. What makes it unique, is the hardness it provides without damaging the teeth or your internal health. To learn more make sure to read our in-depth review on the same. 

Final Thoughts

The amount of pressure one puts while using Jaw workout balls like Jawzrsize is equivalent to the pressure applied while teeth clenching and grinding. And we all know how that turns out. 

While the chances of teeth damage are thin, there’s a definite possibility of tearing the jaw joints. This does not mean that no one could benefit from these types of exercises. Some people could experience a few benefits, but for most people, the risk is more than the reward. 

To find out if you can use the tools listed in this blog, make sure to talk to a dentist. Do not go overboard with any of the products.

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