A Complete Guide to Mewing & Orthotropy

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You might have stumbled across the word ‘Mewing’ many times across the internet in the last couple of months. There’s a fair amount of chance that you are already mewing. This incredible jaw perfecting phenomenon has taken over the globe by storm. Mewing has a fair share of videos to its name and is growing pretty popular on social media platforms such as YouTube, Quora & lately Instagram. This post is a complete guide to Mewing and Orthotropy.

Mewing with Prof. John Mew
A discussion between Prof. John Mew & John Flutter | Mewingpedia.com | Orthotropy

Prof. John Mew, as you can understand by the name, discovered mewing back in 1981. Currently active on YouTube, Prof. Mew has uploaded numerous videos about the subject matter on his YouTube channel. Referring to himself as an Orthotropic, he runs a wildly successful YouTube channel called “Orthotropics” with nearly 120,000 subscribers.

Who is an Orthotropic?

Before we understand mewing, let’s understand about Orthotropy – a word which even myofunctional therapists find tough to answer. While Orthotropy is related to Orthodontics, many myofunctional therapists consider orthotropic treatment to be a better solution than a standard Orthodontic procedure.

How is orthotropic treatment related to mewing?

Most Orthodontists must have never come across the term ‘Orthotropic’, and that’s usual as it’s a very specialized field. People fly from all over the world to visit Dr John & Mike Mew in London to study, research & learn about orthotropy.

A significant difference between orthotropic and orthodontist is that the former covers a broad topic and is not just related to your teeth and gums. Orthotropic concern themselves with the entire facial structure and go about improving the facial imbalance over a certain period. It’s a DIY-myofunctional treatment which comes with numerous health advantages.

How does mewing work?

Mewing is a simple process which involves touching your roof to the roof of your mouth behind your clenched teeth. Correct tongue posture and consistent placement help in improvising the face shape as the applied pressure of maxilla make it malleable. If you are not well-versed with these terms, here’s a formula by mewingpedia.com which can help you understand mewing in 5-steps:

mewing astro sky
Astro Sky giving teaching the mewing technique | mewingpedia.com | astro Sky

In case if you are new to mewing, here’s how it works:

THE MEWING FORMULA by mewingpedia:

  1. Stick your tongue to the palate
  2. Clench your teeth
  3. Close your mouth
  4. Breathe through your nose
  5. Practice consistently

If you have trouble understanding the written steps, here’s a graphical demonstration of how mewing works.

mewing jawline

Having learnt about Mewing formula, let us learn:

Five important facts about mewing

  1. Achieving up-swinging facial form: How do I determine whether mewing is working? The best way to understand is by noticing your cheekbones. Improvement comes in the form of an up-swinging facial form. If you are consistent and develop mewing as a subconscious habit, you will soon find your facial form swinging up as compared to the usual structure.
  2. Face height decreases: A successful mewing technique leads to a reduction in face height. Due to the decrease in face height, the mid-face gets squeezed out & essentially the cheekbones will come out. Good News! Here’s where you learn about the success of your mewing habit.
  3. Age factor matters: Prof. Mew has highlighted in several of his YouTube videos that mewing works the best and is most effective for teenagers and young adults. During the growth phase, if proper posture is practiced, results will be far more noticeable in comparison to other age groups. His point-of-view is trustworthy as he has studied about the facial structure primarily that of children to prove his point in a study published in 1981. That’s over 35 years of journal presence – Simply Jaw Dropping!
  4. Mewing is a long-term exercise requiring consistency: In this guide to mewing, our emphasis is to help people understand that mewing is not a short-term fix as many would suggest. Only a handful of people would say otherwise. Mewing is a habit, and it needs to be adopted subconsciously with practice and patience. For mewing to take effect, it can take anywhere between 2-5 years or even more in some cases for noticeable results. Many teenagers have posted their 6-month transformation which is quite convincing in itself.
  5. Lifestyle change is crucial for mewing to work: Mewing calls for a lifestyle change – a factor no one would tell you or emphasise For mewing to work, you need to work on yourself first. How do you expect to get six-pack abs when you’re busy enjoying the crazy amount of calories? Mewing is the same. For it to work, it’s crucial that you have an active lifestyle, yes; your diet does make a huge difference. At the end of it all, you got to consume healthy stuff and cut the unnecessary carbs out for those cheekbones to pop-out. Correct tongue posture and subconscious habit of mewing will make a difference if your lifestyle is in-check.

 When is mewing most effective?

As Dr Mew suggests in one of his videos, ‘Time matters more than force when it comes to mewing’. In one of his video, he takes Kylie as a mewing example and explains about her cheekbone transformation within the last decade. He emphasizes on how being in the public eye forces celebrities to keep a tab on their facial structure all the time. For instance, you will hardly find a celeb resting their tongue or being spotted with mouth open.

Kylie Jenner Jawline | Mewing
Kylie jenner’s cheekbone development over the years | Mewingpedia.com

A positive side of this example is that we need to be consistent with mewing and not expect a quick result. Mewing is not a quick fix but rather a habit which will develop over some time. Mewing will help you shape your face better. However, like Kylie, you are expected to pay attention to your tongue and teeth and not let them rest as you usually do in your subconscious state.


It’s never too late to fix anything, and mewing involves your facial posture. You can start today and in no time, develop a mewing habit which will bring about an overall change in your facial framework. It’s a DIY solution, and you do not need to spend a single penny on fixing these muscular imbalances. We are blessed to have such researchers amidst our presence who can provide a healthy solution as compared to a job, which comes with its own sets of side-effects & looks ridiculous as the time passes.

I’d like to apologize if the previous statement came out wrong. However, you know better about the repercussions of a face job. We at mewingpedia.com are inclined towards promoting the DIY mewing methods & tips which can help our readers lead a better lifestyle which is healthier and even cost-friendly in the long-run.

Fun Fact

Dr Mew’s YouTube channel is growing by 20% every month, and the number is expected to get better as the mewing fever spreads all over the world in coming months.


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