Falim Gum Review: Does It Help With Mewing?

If you are reading this review, it is quite possible that you are already aware of the benefits attached to chewing gum and its impact on our facial muscles and specifically our jawline. 

Any individual that has researched what type of gum to chew for facial exercising has definitely stumbled upon the well-known Falim Gum, that has been in the spotlight for quite a while now.

What is Falim Gum?

A chewing gum, Falim, is a mastic gum brand currently owned by a group in Turkey by the name Mondelez Group.

Falim Gum

Falim is the only sugar-free gum in Turkey and has been voted tooth-friendly by Zurich University in 1996. It makes its mark as one of the ‘Top 20 Best Brands of Turkey’, that includes both local as well as international brands.

What is Mastic Gum?

Mastic is a resin obtained from the mastic tree that has a long history rooting to many cultures. In ancient Greece, it was used as an antidote for snakebite. In parts of India and Persia, it was used to cure and fill dental cavities.

falim gum ingredients

In most countries, mastic still remains unknown. However, it is slowly gaining the attention of dental experts all over the globe. It is known for its intense pine-like flavor. 

In Turkey, mastic gums or Falim gum to be specific, make a hugely popular after-meal treat.

Falim Gum Ingredient List | Is Falim Gum Safe?

The ingredient list of Falim Gum (as listed in Amazon) include:

  • Gum Base
  • Flavor
  • Coloring (E171)
  • Antioxidants (E321 Butyl Hydroxytoluene, E320 Butyl Hydroxyanisole)

A lot of talks have been made around the Falim Gum Ingredient list. Everyone wants to know – Are Falim Gum Ingredients Safe?

It started when some noticed Titanium Dioxide and BHT as some of the ingredients listed on the back of the Falim Gum pack.

Falim Gum Ingredients

Titanium dioxide can be found in various products ranging from food & drugs, cosmetics, and paint. It is only dangerous if inhaled, and is commonly used in the food industry for white coloring. 

BHT is water-insoluble that is safe unless you swallow the gum itself. BHT is allowed as a food additive in the US so its capacity for harm is very minor.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) categorizes Titanium Dioxide in the generally recognized as a safe category. 

Having said that, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has listed it as a Group 2B carcinogen which translates to – an agent that may be carcinogenic but lacks sufficient animal & human research.

If you are looking for an all-natural alternative, you can always stick to Mastic Gum. We have an in-length blog on Mastic Gum in case, you are interested in browsing some more options.

Falim Gum – Variants and Flavours

There are various flavors available in the Falim Gum range. These include the mint-flavored Falim Gum and other fruit-based Falim Gum flavors displayed below:

falim gum for jawline

Falim Gum Design and Packaging

The word ‘Falim’ translates to “My Fortune”; Falim Gum is like the Turkish version of a Chinese fortune cookie as each gum comes with a little piece of paper, wrapped around the gum with a short message printed on it, but of course, it is in the Turkish language.

Falim Gum Review

Falim as a brand promotes oral care and hence, every Falim gum pack has “Diş Dostu” printed on it which means ‘tooth-friendly’.

Does Falim Gum Work?

According to several online reviews, falim gum is the cult-favorite of many. It is a sugar-free, hard textured gum, that lasts for a very long time. It is a mastic gum with added flavors. 

Most people experience that the taste can be felt initially and fades out after a while.

As we have previously established, mastication i.e. chewing causes hypertrophy, which is the enlargement of tissue. 

There are various studies that prove that facial muscles can develop through chewing exercises.

Falim gum is an all-natural alternative to the regular chewing gum that is commercialized all over the market. Though Falim gum is produced in Turkey, you can easily get your hands on it online on Amazon.

When paired with the proper tongue posture aka Mewing, Falim gum chewing can definitely help with Mewing. It can aid muscle workout and result in a sharper jawline. 

Final Thoughts 

We highly recommend trying out Falim Gum, it is an easily available mastic gum that supports oral health and hygiene. It can provide the best results when paired with Mewing.

It is also efficient as a jaw workout tool, in case you do not wish to invest too much too soon. 

Remember, Falim gum is safe for chewing, however, overuse can lead to health issues. 

For beginners, you can start slow and chew the gum on alternate days for 15 minutes and then later decide how long you want to exercise with the gum.

It is advised to stop if you feel any muscular discomfort.


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