Facial Flex Review: Does it make the cut? Updated for 2021

All of us want to learn ways that can help achieve similar results to a facelift without actually going under the knife. Though practically, there aren’t many alternatives. Suggesting that there are none, would be wrong. Lately, we discovered this product called Facial Flex. And today, we are going to discuss this tool in-depth and see whether it’s worth your money and time or not.

What is Facial Flex?

Facial Flex

Facial Flex is a facial exercising tool that essentially helps in toning and rejuvenation of facial muscles. It claims to be the first progressive resistance-based facial tool that applies resistance to 30 muscles that support your face, chin, and neck area. It is a USA based product that is clinically proven and certified by the FDA.

The Story Behind Facial Flex

The company behind Facial Flex, Facial Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1989. Their first goal was to develop a patented facial rehabilitation device that increased oral-motor strength. Hence, Facial Flex was created originally as a treatment method for microstomia (a condition caused by facial burns severe in nature).

The people at Facial Concepts were quick to recognize the potential for a wider application of Facial Flex as a facial rehabilitation device. Since then, Facial Flex has been used to help patients with various speech and language disorders, disorders surrounding facial nerves, MS, ALS, autoimmune neuromuscular disease, surgical trauma, strokes, and other chronic facial disorders. It has also been effective in Dental/TMD/TMJ rehabilitation.

Why Do you Need To Exercise Facial Muscles?

Both men and women need to exercises their facial muscles. There are several studies conducted that prove the benefits of facial exercising. Your skin sits on top of your facial muscles and hence, once you tone your muscles, it automatically reflects on your skin.


facial flex review

Facial Exercises promote collagen stimulation and elastin production. Apart from these benefits, these exercises are also supposed to help in hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy is the enlargement of tissue from the increase in size of its cells. So when your muscles increase in size, it gives your face a fuller appearance, making you look youthful.

Clinical Studies Surrounding Facial Flex

Health & Beauty

Facial Flex is supported by various studies. In the first one, a set of eight healthy, older females with signs of facial laxity (looseness of muscle) were made to follow a mechanically aided facial exercise program based on progressive resistance for 8 weeks. At the end of the study, it was found that biomechanical extensibility (the ability to be stretched) had decreased and the women reported firmer and more elastic facial skin.

This study was conducted by The Journal of Geriatric Dermatology and was called “A Mechanically Aided Resistance Exercise Program for Sagging Facial Muscles” By Gary L. Grove, Ph.D., Stan W. Rimdzius, B.S., Charles R. Zerweck, Ph.D.

In another study, 15 healthy older females with a few signs of facial laxity followed a similar program based on progressive resistance for 3 months. Again, highly significant results were reported by the panelists. 

The study was conducted by the Society for Investigative Dermatology and was called “Changes in Facial Skin Biomechanics Due to a Mechanically Aided Resistance Exercise Program” By G. L. Grove, S. W. Rimdzius, M. J. Grove.

Medical & Dental

The Temple University School of Dentistry conducted a study – “A Clinical Study of the Effects of Facial-Flexing Patients with TMD” By Zarrinnia K, Braun RJ, Straja SR (Presented at the Conference of the American Association of Orthodontists, San Diego)

Here’s what is concluded – “The dysfunction and palpation indexes individually do not show any improvement as a result of the treatment. But the craniomandibular index alone shows a statistically significant difference concerning the “improvements.”

Another study named “A Clinical Study of the Effects of Facial-Flex in Patients with TMD” By Drs. R. Braun and K. Zarrinnia from the Temple University School of Dentistry reported – “For the craniomandibular index, the general trend is for a positive “improvement” for the treatment group and virtually no improvement for the control group.”

Speech Therapy

A study surrounding “Recovery of Facial Muscle Strength in the Disabled Through a Mechanically Aided Resistance Exercise Program” By Judith Creed, M.A., CCC, SLP, Joseph R. Spiegel, M.D., reported “Facial-Flex is a valuable instrument for improving oral muscle strength…Preliminary findings of this study suggest dramatic rehabilitation of facial musculature in a population for whom such improvement is essential”. [Patients suffering from a stroke or idiopathic Parkinsonism]

To learn more you can visit the official website of Facial Flex. 

How to Use Facial Flex

The usage of Facial Flex is quite simple. Place the tool in the middle of your upper and lower lip. Let it sit horizontally from one corner of the lip to another. Facial Flex is considerate of comfort when it comes to design, the ends are curved and molded to keep the device put in its place.

When looked closely, you will notice that one of the sides of the U shaped end is wider than the other. The larger side is supposed to go inside your mouth for the utmost comfort. 

As you place it securely inside your mouth, you will be able to feel it push your mouth open. As you try to purse your lips together, the resistance of the band will obstruct the movement and this in return will work out all the targeted facial muscles. 

Facial Flex Set

It is recommended that you follow 2 minutes of simple face-firming exercises in the morning and 2 minutes at night. Results can be expected in about 8 weeks.

  • Step 1 – After cleansing the entire face, apply moisturizer to your face, chin, and neck. This will prepare the skin for the exercise and enhance the effects of the device.

Facial Flex

  • Step 2 – Place the device inside the mouth as discussed above.
  • Step 3 – Lean slightly forward and lift your chin until it is upright. This will extend the muscles of your neck under your chin.

Facial Flex

  • Step 4 – Make your lips into an oval. Compress the device fully, and then gradually release the compression, allowing Facial-Flex to grow back to its original size, pulling back the corners of your mouth.

Initially, this cycle is to be repeated once every 2 to 3 seconds, performing 30 to 40 repetitions in 1-2 minutes. Rest for about one minute, and then repeat. In case you cannot complete the number of repetitions suggested without resting, that is okay. Make sure you exercise until you get tired, rest for a minute, then continue again.

Facial Flex Before and After

Facial Flex Before and After Facial Flex Before and After Facial Flex Before and After Facial Flex Before and After Facial Flex Before and After

Does Facial Flex Really Work?

The silver lining of the product has to be the clinical studies backing up the technology and purpose of this resistance device. As seen earlier, the device has shown visible support and results in the health, dental, and speech disorder area. 

Considering these studies and a ton of other reviews, we would agree to the fact that Facial Flex does actually work! The product mostly caters to women that are experiencing aging. Users have reported ‘tight and vibrant’ skin after using this product. 

Although, if you are a guy wanting to try the product you can surely go ahead and do so. Facial exercises do also tighten the skin around the jawline making it more defined. Hence, even younger adults can dig some benefit out of this product.

If this still looks too intimidating for your comfort, we would suggest starting out with Chisell or Jawliner as they are less complicated to use for beginners.

Pros of Facial Flex

  • A rather simple & easy to use tool
  • It might act as a Facelift for the skin of your face, chin, and neck
  • Could possibly reduce wrinkles and fine line and promote skin tightening
  • The product has clinical research backing it up

Cons of Facial Flex

  • Might not work as effectively as claimed due to its non-invasive nature.
  • Fragile, hence, needs constant care. 
  • The results may differ in each individual

Final Thoughts

Even though the product is clinically tested, and has proven beneficial in combating various disorders. It is still very important that you consult a physician if you are suffering from any of the conditions listed in this blog or otherwise.

The Facial Flex device is an interesting take on Facial Exercising and if you are interested do give it a try. It mainly focuses on skin tightening for women with sagging skin around the neck and jaw. 

There are various cheaper alternatives available in the market that are similar in design that we would not recommend.

If you want something primarily focused on the jawline you may try other jaw training tools.

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