Accelerate Jaw muscle growth

Train your jaw

CHISELL is designed efficiently to put direct stress on the masseter muscles while chewing.

Repeat the process

Chew by biting down and squeezing the gum using your molar teeth. Hold for 1 second and release.

Work your masseters

Chisell trains your muscles so they start to feel the tension and work your jaws.

Achieve results

You have to maintain a target of 3-5 such sets per session. After 12 weeks of training you'll witness considerable results.

Chisell for teenagers
Chisell Before and After


CHISELL 2.0 is specifically designed to suit all teeth shapes and sizes. The team while designing kept in mind that there has to be an equal amount of pressure to be applied on the surface area of all the engaged teeth.







Frequently asked questions

The team at CHISELL suggests that one pair lasts for about 4-6 months. However, there are about 10% of users that have sharper teeth that wear off the product rather quickly. This is where the ‘Unlimited Replacement Policy’ comes handy.

With correct and consistent facial workout sessions, you should see initial changes within 2-3 weeks of usage. You should be able to see considerable results in a month. 

There are users that have braces/Invisalign that are using the product. However, each case is different and hence we recommend consulting your orthodontist first. 

Yes, CHISELL is made using top quality food-grade polymer. case solum his ei.

CHISELL ships worldwide except for a few countries that have constant delivery issues. Those countries are Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Cambodia, Colombia, Israel, Kuwait, Qatarutroque consequuntur an, case solum his ei.


Chisell Trustpilot Review
Chisell Trustpilot Review
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