CHISELL 3.0 Review – Best Jawline Training Tool?

If you have been working on shaping your facial muscles, mainly your jawline, chances are you’ve already heard of CHISELL. Last time we reviewed their jaw training tool CHISELL 2.0 and discussed with y’all its pros and cons.

Today, we are reviewing their brand new CHISELL 3.0 and putting it to the test. It is said to be a more advanced version of the previous jaw-building tool. A huge leap from CHISELL 2.0 that puts the brand light years ahead of the competition, setting new standards for the whole industry.

About CHISELL 3.0

To begin with, CHISELL 3.0 is a jaw-training tool meant to make your face and jawline more structured. Its goal is to accelerate jaw muscle development.

Chisell 3.0 review

The new CHISELL 3.0 has been made keeping in mind the limitations of the previous CHISELL 2.0. Hence, making it an upgraded version that has the following key features. 

New Suspension System

With CHISELL 3.0 the chances of a vacuum suction being formed inside the mouth are zero, which was one of the major complaints from the previous version. 

This new suspension system enhances the safety of this tool, by providing extra injury prevention. It has been designed in a way that ensures the silicone tabs don’t stick to your tongue or cheeks.


According to the developers, the new CHISELL 3.0 was made while keeping health as the top priority. It is the safest jaw muscle workout tool on the market made from a food-grade premium polymer.

Choking Prevention

A repositioning has been made in the main cavity allowing air to easily pass through the new CHISELL 3.0. This new technology makes the gum impossible to choke on. The vertical holes on the gum allow for an easy air passage avoiding any mishaps.


CHISELL 3.0 allows you to chew on the product from either side unlike the previous one. A total of 4 teeth contact sides are offered instead of 2. This elongates the life of the product along with simplifying the jaw workout.

Product Development Process

The development process of CHISELL 3.0 was very extensive as a lot of aspects were upgraded making sure the tool delivered the best possible results. Following a multitude of trials, the following are the updates that the new product offers:

Chewiness Upgrade

The CHISELL 3.0 tabs have been made of advanced materials making them feel softer for the teeth.


The new design allows a more comfortable jaw workout making you go on for a longer amount of time without feeling exhausted. The new suspension systems make sure no vacuum is created while chewing by letting air pass through the tabs.

Superior Quality

The upgraded technology of CHISELL 3.0 makes it stay in the loop twice as long. CHISELL 2.0’s most commonly received feedback was that it wore off too quickly for some users. Hence, the new model is made with the top-grade premium polymer designed to withstand even the toughest of jaws. 

The replacement policy has been updated and is now valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. A pretty good deal!!


There are 3 variants in the new CHISELL 3.0 range – 3.0 Core, 3.0 Boost, and 3.0 Shred.

CHISELL 3.0 Core

The CHISELL 3.0 Core is white. It’s the perfect fit for beginners, just starting their jaw training journey. This provides a high range of motion.

Chisell 3.0 Core
Chisell 3.0 Core | Mewingpedia.com

CHISELL 3.0 Boost

The CHISELL 3.0 Boost is dark grey, best suited for intermediate users. This provides a medium range of motion.

Chisell 3.0 Boost
Chisell 3.0 Boost | Mewingpedia.com

CHISELL 3.0 Shred

And lastly, the CHISELL 3.0 Shred sports black color. It’s a perfect fit for advanced users with prior experience in jaw training. This provides a low range of motion.

Chisell 3.0 Shred
Chisell 3.0 Shred | Mewingpedia.com

New Design

Chew From Any Side

Unlike CHISELL 2.0, CHISELL 3.0’s new omnidirectional design allows you to chew from any side allowing 360 degrees of muscle fatigue. This lets you chew on the tabs seamlessly without having to worry about chewing on the wrong sides of the tabs.

Does Not Suck

According to the brand, its new suspension system eliminates the suction on your cheeks allowing for a more pleasant workout.

Power Workouts

CHISELL has collaborated with jaw muscle bodybuilding PROs to produce the most effective jaw muscle-building routines that are included in the box. This will help set your jaw working regime in place, giving you full control over your workouts, completely free of cost.

Patented Design

The new CHISELL 3.0 design has been patented making it the sole manufacturer of this newly enhanced device.

CHISELL 3.0 Review – Final Test

We tested out both CHISELL 2.0 and CHISELL 3.0 side by side. And here are some of the major differences we notice.

Vacuum Creation

CHISELL 2.0 had only 2 ideal chewing sides, hence when chewed from the sides without the vertical holes, a vacuum used to be created between the cheeks and the tongue, disrupting the jaw workout.

Chisell 3.0 vs 2.0

As the holes on CHISELL 3.0 have been designed horizontally, they can be chewed on by either of the 4 sides hence, there are hardly any chances of disruptions. 

According to our experience, just make sure to not suck in your cheeks towards the tongue as that might create a small vacuum with the horizontal holes making the workout uncomfortable.


CHISELL 3.0 seems to have a better grip and fits perfectly in the back of the mouth. There is no slipping of the tabs making it easy to chew for longer periods.

Quality & Durability

The CHISELL 3.0 is much chewier compared to CHISELL 2.0. It doesn’t compromise on resistance and still makes chewing more comfortable. The tabs definitely look and feel denser which might help them last longer. 

Packaging & Customer Service

The packaging is chic and sturdy as usual. The box, the container, and the silicone tabs, all three feel luxe. The shipping was pretty fuzz-free and the package was delivered without any mishaps. Additionally, the replacement policy has been modified. The silicone tabs can now be replaced for 12 months from the date of purchase.


  • Increased durability
  • No more vacuum effect 
  • Chewable from all sides 
  • Patented design


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The following is the retail value of the brand new CHISELL 3.0, available on their official website.




CHISELL Jawline Toolbox – 120 USD ( Available on a discount at 99 USD)

Buy Chisell 3.0

Availability across the world

The brand has made sure no one misses out on the newly launched CHISELL 3.0. The products are available in 120 countries all around the globe making them easily accessible.

Replacement Policy

CHISELL offers a 12 – month unlimited and free-of-cost replacements policy to all its users. For 12 months from the time of purchase, the users can claim an unlimited number of free replacements as per their needs. All you need to do is fill out the Replacement Form that can be found in the footer of their website.

Final Verdict

CHISELL has set the bar high by working on all the shortcomings of the previous product. The advanced technology is one like no one has offered thus far and hence we would recommend it to anyone wanting to develop a sharper jawline.

It is advisable to start with the CHISELL 3.0 Core and move your way up the different resistance levels. If you are already on the tough bite from your previous set then you can directly switch to CHISELL 3.0 Shred.

Make sure to discontinue usage if you experience any kind of pain or excessive discomfort. You may also consult a dental expert to be extra cautious. 

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