Rockjaw Mastic Gum Review: Worth it?

Mastic gum is quickly gaining popularity as the best kind of chewing gum for jawline development. Well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, Mastic gum is a hard resin that provides great resistance while chewing along with its various other health benefits. Mastic gum is primarily produced on the Greek island of Chios, making … Read more

Chios Mastic Gum Review: Best Mewing Gum?

Chios mastic gum review

Recently the internet has been buzzing with products related to the jawline. While a fair share of those products are silicone gums, there are plenty of in-demand chewing gums as well. We’ve already discussed Falim Gum in detail but today, we’ll be looking into something different – Mastic Gum and to be specific ‘Chios’ Mastic … Read more

5 Best Jawzrsize Alternatives – Jaw Training Tools

Jawzrsize Alternative

If you’ve ever searched for a ‘Jaw Training Tool’ online, chances are, you’ve stumbled upon a device called “Jawzrsize”. While the product looks promising, it has mixed reviews all over the internet. And hence, today we bring to you 5 best Jawzrsize Alternatives. These alternatives are well tested and have shown some promising results. First, … Read more