How to Mew? Step-wise Instructions

Mewing Formula

In a time, where the internet is buzzing about mewing, we studied what it entails and came up with a simple formula. The problem is most of the people start by mewing incorrectly. However, after they get the guidance, they start to mew properly. Most of you might be looking for an answer to a … Read more

A Complete Guide to Mewing Technique & Orthotropy

Guide to Mewing

I’ve had people asking me about the correct mewing technique. I’m sure, you too must have stumbled across the word or technique called  ‘Mewing’ many times across the internet in the last couple of months. There’s a fair amount of chance that you are already mewing or perhaps watching someone do it. This incredible jaw … Read more

Mewing 101: What is Mewing? How to Mew? Does it Work? {Updated 2022]

What is mewing?

Disclaimer Mewing is relatively a new concept. Though sufficient amount of research has been carried out, one cannot really claim about the effectiveness. Prof. John & Mike Mew have shared scientific analysis on why mewing transformation takes place, if you want to learn the science behind it then you can follow their channel called Orthotropics on YouTube … Read more