What is Face pulling? Does it Work?

What’s the first visual that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Face pulling’? Isn’t it Jim Carrey trying to take his mask off? Because that is exactly how I pictured it. Much to my embarrassment and imagination, that isn’t what Face Pulling is about. Face Pulling is a relatively new concept in … Read more

Best Jawline Exercises for Women

Best Jawline Exercises for Women

While the internet is flooded with videos of how to achieve a jawline through contouring with a darker shade of bronzer in your make-up vanity, a very few of them talk about how to get there naturally.  Today we will be discussing the best jawline exercises for women that can give you the sharp jawline … Read more

5 Best Exercises to Get a Jawline 2021

Get a Jawline 2020

The trend and beauty standards keep evolving from time to time. Nonetheless, teenagers and young adults feel pressured to comply with these high aesthetic barriers between people. Among all the great characteristics that define your looks, jawline among both men and women is considered to be the most eye-catching feature alongside a toned upper body … Read more