Breathing while Mewing: You were breathing wrong all along!


Mewing is relatively a new concept. Though sufficient amount of research has been carried out, one cannot really claim about the effectiveness. Prof. John & Mike Mew have shared scientific analysis on why mewing transformation takes place, if you want to learn the science behind it then you can follow their channel called Orthotropics on YouTube or you can read it here: Mewing & Orthotropy

It’s shocking to learn that we’ve been getting the basics all wrong until now. I didn’t care to learn much about the right breathing technique until I came across mewing. And I’m not the only one as there have been many emails and Instagram requests with people asking about nasal breathing & problems with breathing while mewing. Since childhood, we’ve been breathing through our mouth and none of us cared to investigate it, because C’mon, it’s natural. No, it’s not. Our sedentary lifestyle and comfort have made delusional. I may sound harsh but that’s the truth.

Breathing while mewing | mewingpedia.com

We’ve been breathing through our mouth and we’re not supposed to do that at all. People posting queries such as “How can I Mew and breathe at the same time?”, this statement shows that most of them do not have any idea or information about nasal breathing. For the majority of the people out there, breathing through mouth feels natural. But it isn’t. So what’s the Correct Way to Breathe?

Correct Way of breathing while mewing

The correct way of breathing while mewing is to use your nose. A posture wherein, your mouth is closed which creates a vacuum-like feeling inside. The air we breathe is naturally processed through the nose. It is the filter lined with small hairs called cilia. Cilia ensures that it filters humidity, coolness or warmness based upon the temperature you are in before the air reaches your lungs. Cilia is responsible for the protection of our bodies from nearly 25 billion foreign particles that try to enter our body every day.

Air once it exits the nose passes through the windpipe – another avenue which traps the unwanted particles before they reach the lungs. Followed by passage through the mucus-lined windpipe, air reaches our lungs where the oxygen is then pumped into the bloodstream, later circulated throughout the body. On the other hand, the air which leaves the body carries carbon dioxide from the cell which comes out through the process of exhalation.

Mewing is related to breathing 

Mewing isn’t just the correct tongue posture but an amalgamation of a number of activities. It doesn’t just require you to stick your tongue against the roof of your mouth but it also requires nasal breathing. Often, people end up making mewing mistakes, either due to lack of knowledge about the subject or by underplaying the role of nasal breathing in mewing.

breathing while mewing | mewingpedia.com

When you mew, automatically, your mouth is closed with lips sealed and your teeth touching each other. There’s no room for you to breathe from your mouth and thus you automatically get the correct posture. Breathing plays a vital role in mewing and the reason for that is the filtration that we talked about. And also, the air which flows through the nose combines with nitric oxide, crucial for blood flow regulations of our body.

Benefits of Nasal Breathing

Nasal Breathing has more than a single benefit. Our bodies were designed to breathe from the nose. Breathing from your mouth is equivalent to eating from your nose. Can you imagine that? That’s how wrong we’ve been doing it thus far. Even the most capable of human beings are just able to breathe around 10-20% of their full breathing capacity. Nasal breathing improves our body in more than one way:

  1. Increases blood flow: As mentioned earlier, nasal breathing is the correct way of breathing and it filters all the particles and ensures that our blood circulation is active without any problem. This happens because while breathing through our nose, we make use of our breathing capacity more than we do in case of mouth.
  2. Reduces infection chances: Since the air that goes inside is filtered by our nose, unnecessary particles do not get a chance to make it through our respiratory system all the way to our nose. This reduces infection chances.
  3. Proper regulation of body temperature: Breathing through the mouth doesn’t imply any filter and thus, the air we breathe is not adjusted as per the body requirement when it reaches our lungs. Through nasal breathing, the filter i.e. Cilia ensures the body temperature and adjusts it as per the surrounding we live in.

Harmful Effects of Restricted Breathing 

As said earlier, since most of the people use only up to 10-20% of their breathing capabilities, many suffer from restricted breathing. Not breathing to our fullest can cause numerous problems such as decreased respiratory function, decreased energy levels, improper toxin filtering, high blood pressure and a multitude of health issues. In some cases, poor breathing can also contribute to several forms of cancer. Otto Warburg, in 1931 won a Nobel Prize because he proved that ‘Oxygen starved cells mutate and become cancerous’.

Disadvantages of Mouth Breathing 

If breathing through nasal is what you completely do, then breathing through the mouth is something you absolutely shouldn’t. There are numerous disadvantages of mouth breathing and these are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Blocked Sinuses
  • Crooked teeth &
  • Poor facial development

Find hard to breathe while mewing?

A lot of people struggle to breathe through their nose. Initially, it is frustrating and doesn’t work as we would like it to. But there are numerous reasons attached to this:

  1. Lack of practice
  2. Complete dependency on mouth breathing
  3. Physical Obstructions (Must consult a doctor in this case)
  4. Not able to keep up the Nasal Breathing
  5. Lack of tongue space in case of mewing

Having trouble breathing while mewing? Don’t worry, it can be clearly understood from a recent  video on the Orthotropics YouTube channel:

“Many people lack tongue space. Some will find the back of the tongue extends into the airway when they attempt to perfect tongue placement, and, as such, some will find it impossible to reprogram this position as default.”


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