Recessed Maxilla: Everything you need to know

Have you ever wondered, what is the math behind an attractive face? Is there any relevant theory or mathematical evaluation that can be done to prove the science behind attractiveness? The answer is yes. There is!  In this blog, we are going to be discussing how maxilla and forward facial growth play a pivotal role … Read more

Mew Indicator Line: Maxilla Positioning by Prof. John Mew

Mew Indicator Line Maxilla Positioning by Prof. John Mew

Ever wondered if you can measure your jaw development on a scale? The Mew indicator line does just that!  What is Mew Indicator Line? The concept of the cosmetic line known as the Mew Indicator Line was developed by Dr. John Mew. It is used to assess facial growth by determining the maxillary position. The … Read more

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Looksmaxxing: Everything You Need To Know

Looksmaxxing guide

In this modern age, we are all so busy making a living out of our careers that we often forget the importance of self-care. Looksmaxxing is nothing but an all-in-one guide to taking your appearance and confidence to the next level. Let’s understand step-by-step what looksmaxxing is all about. There are several elements to this … Read more

Tongue Tie and Mewing: Everything you need to know

Mewing with a tongue tie is the hottest topic doing circles in the Orthotropic community at the moment.  Today we’re going to discuss this condition that affects more than 10% percent of newborns. It is a condition that occurs by birth and restricts tongue movement while causing speech impediment in some cases.  Today, we’re going … Read more

Low Cheekbones: A Comprehensive Guide

Low Cheekbones

We have created and dealt with many beauty standards in the past, however, as we step into this new generation, it is all about breaking the stereotypes created by our forefathers. Beauty is subjective and any beauty standard being followed is unjust. The world has hundreds of cultures and ethnicities and all of them have … Read more

Chios Mastic Gum Review: Best Mewing Gum?

Chios mastic gum review

Recently the internet has been buzzing with products related to the jawline. While a fair share of those products are silicone gums, there are plenty of in-demand chewing gums as well. We’ve already discussed Falim Gum in detail but today, we’ll be looking into something different – Mastic Gum and to be specific ‘Chios’ Mastic … Read more