Forward Facial Growth: A Compact Guide

Forward Facial Growth

Forward facial growth, as a subject is quite popular for people who are into aesthetically pleasing facial structures or those who suffer from unwarranted troubles that come along with having a disproportionate jawline.  Not only is it an interesting read but an effective solution for anyone struggling with a recessed jaw structure.  Even while talking … Read more

Rockjaw Mastic Gum Review: Worth it?

Mastic gum is quickly gaining popularity as the best kind of chewing gum for jawline development. Well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, Mastic gum is a hard resin that provides great resistance while chewing along with its various other health benefits. Mastic gum is primarily produced on the Greek island of Chios, making … Read more

Overbite Correction: Is It Advisable?

Human body is a fascinating thing, each part is intricately connected with one another. And hence, while we are ignoring a persisting health issue, we fail to realise what other body parts we are compromising and putting at risk. For example, we see our smiles as more of an aesthetic thing, when it is an … Read more

Jaw Shapes – How To Figure Out Yours?

Jaw Shapes

People are often overwhelmed but the number of articles online about jaw shapes and are still confused about their own. We have tried and simplified this process by bringing together all the relevant information. For the longest time, people haven’t cared much about the shape of their jaw and face. But, recently more and more … Read more