10 Hilarious Mewing Memes Breakdown

Internet is going crazy with the mewing phenomenon. So much that there’s an actual meme page regarding the exercise on Instagram. I’m not even kidding. I personally follow a lot of pages and read as much as I can about mewing. However, it’s always funny to come across memes which you and your community can relate to. These mewing memes get me every time.


This mewing memes blog has breakdown for newbies to understand better. If you’re a meme master and you know it all, you can simply check the memes without reading the breakdowns. Thank you!

Meme 1: Supa Hot Fire

Breakdown: Mike Mew a.k.a the mewing God. There’s no mewing without him. GDC is the company involved in the sale of dental/surgical instruments. Now that Dr. Mike Mew has come up with a DIY technique which can possibly avoid the need for unnecessary dental and surgical procedure (Basically taking most of the business away). ‘I’m about to end this man’s whole career‘ is an unforgettable verse from legendary rapper Supa Hot Fire 😀

Meme 2: Jazz Music 

Breakdown: Another hilarious well-crafted meme. Jazz music is often symbolised as getting things on setting up a romantic mood. Being a mewer, you tend to breathe from nose instead of your mouth. Thus, if you find a girl attractive but also watch her breathe from mouth, it’s a strict No! No! and a major turnoff for any mewer.

Meme 3: Sudden Realization

Breakdown: Whether you’re an experienced mewer or you’re new to mewing, developing subconscious mewing habit does take time. Often in the early stages of our mewing journey, we encounter this problem after realising that our tongue posture was wrong throughout the day.

Meme 4: A Tweet from God 

Breakdown: Beautifully carved out in one sentence, Prof. John Mew’s tweet explains mewing effortlessly. However, it’s Mark’s reply which is absolutely hilarious. Remember, I told you that he is a God to the Mewing community along with his song Mike? When shit just gets real in this meme. Lol. “Thank you holy father“.

Meme 5: Mewing Wrestling Match

Breakdown: A constant tug-of-war between these three can only be understood by mewers. Eating & swallowing are the real challenge when it comes to maintaining your mewing posture.

Meme 6: Mewing Transformation

Breakdown: Mewing can transform squidward into a handsome squidward. This mewing meme is quite related to the mewing transformation stories we see today across various social networks.

Meme 7: Mewing Pawn Stars

Breakdown: If you’ve watched pawn stars, you know who this old man is! And if you do, you sure know one of his most iconic lines ”Those bastards lied to me” in a deal which didn’t work out pretty well. Introspecting his scene with the people who have given over a million tips on how to get a jawline on social media, this meme has the perfect recipe to make your giggle.

Meme 8: Mewing Disability

Breakdown: Breathing through mouth is more or less a crime for Mewers. So much so, it’s often considered as a disability. Right on point because breathing through mouth is associated with crazy amount of health problems.

Meme 9: Mewing Analysis

Breakdown: One of my favourite mewing meme, this meme screams out improper mewing. Blend that with Kowalski, analysis and it gets you every time you see it.

Meme 10: Do you even Mew Bruh?

mewing memes

Breakdown: Perhaps the lamest adaptation of ‘Do You Even Lift Bruh?’, this mewing meme is arguably funny for mewers  but cringey for non-mewers at the same time.

These were my pick for 10 hilarious mewing memes this month. A big shout out to Mewing Memes for these funny posts. You can check them out and stay up-to-date with the mewing/orthodontists memes and trends.

I hope you liked this Mewing Meme breakdown blog. If I get over five positive comments, I will make another post about these memes. Until then, keep mewing 🙂


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