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If you’ve ever searched for a ‘Jaw Training Tool’ online, chances are, you’ve stumbled upon a device called “Jawzrsize”. While the product looks promising, it has mixed reviews all over the internet. And hence, today we bring to you 5 best Jawzrsize Alternatives.

These alternatives are well tested and have shown some promising results. First, let’s understand more about Jawrsize itself. 

What is Jawzrsize?

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As suggested earlier, Jawzrise is a jaw training tool that claims to exercise your facial muscles resulting in a more defined jawline. The product is highly advertised on all social media platforms while narrating its brand story.

It goes something like this – In 2014, Brandon Harris, the CEO, crashed his motorcycle and ended up in a coma. Meanwhile, he was also recovering from a jaw injury from the past. This is the time where he felt in desperate need of a muscle re-strengthening device for his face and neck.

Brandon Harris CEO Jawzrsize | mewingpedia
Brandon Harris, CEO, Jawzrsize

In 2016, Brandon not only recovered from his injury but also created Jawzrsize. Moving on to the actual device, it comes with a malleable strip attached to a ball-like device made of silicone. The usage is simple, You bite on the ball and exercise your jaw muscles. 

Jawzrsize claims that the product offers a resistance of more than 40 pounds, depending on the model you are using from the range and the difference it makes can be felt by using the product for just 30 minutes. The question still remains! Does Jawzrsize really work?

These are huge claims, however, when healthline.com with a couple of experts interrogated the company on what to expect from Jawzrsize, most of the questions were left unanswered. 

Hence, today, we are going to discuss 5 alternatives that can be a Jawzrsize alternative and still provide amazing results when it comes to the jawline.

Jawzrsize Benefits

  • Custom-fit for teeth
  • Easy available 
  • Comes in different resistance levels
  • Made from 100% BPA free food silicone
  • FDA compliant
  • Has a 60-day return and refund policy

Jawzrsize Drawbacks

  • Can be detrimental
  • Can increase strain on the face and jaw
  • Side-effects include
    • Headache
    • Jaw clicking and Popping
    • Injury to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Targets selected facial muscles
  • No medical claims to back up the claims

Jawzrsize Price

At the time of writing this review, the products were on a sale and hence, Jawzrsize was price between $30 – $40, while the original price ranging from $45 – $90, depending on the model you choose.

5 Best Jawzrsize Alternatives 


Jawzrsize alternative

CHISELL is also a jaw training tool that serves the purpose of accelerating your jaw muscle growth. An on-the-go training tool made from the highest quality food-grade silicone, this comes in three variants – light bite, regular bite, tough bite.

CHISELL comes along with an instruction sheet including 4 different workout routines, a progress tracker, and a carry case making it fit for travel.

Jawliner 2.0

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Jawliner is a ‘Silicone Gum’ that targets 3 major facial muscles, muscles that contour your jaw. In addition, it is also meant to tone the skin around the face and neck areas.

The device is compact and comfortable while chewing on. Made from 100% BPA and PVC free food silicone, it has the right amount of firmness for you to train your jawline. Jawliner 2.0 comes in two different variants, medium and hard.

Facial Flex

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A tool to tone and rejuvenate your facial muscles, Facial Flex was launched way back in the year 1989. It is the first progressive resistance-based facial tool that applies resistance to 30 different facial muscles, chin, and neck.

The biggest pro of Facial Flex is that it is a USA based product that is clinically proven and certified by the FDA.

Mastic Gum

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Mastic gum (Pistacia lentiscus) is a resin that is found in the Mastic tree. Known to have anti-inflammatory properties, Mastic Gum improves oral health.

It is the best Jawzrsize alternative, in case you are looking for an all-natural option. Mastic gum is easily available on Amazon and lasts for a very long time. It also provides great resistance due to its chewy texture and it is sugar-free, unlike most commercial chewing gums.

Falim Gum

Jawzrsize alternative

Another renowned Turkish brand that is great for building jawline and proves as an amazing Jawzrsize alternative is – Falim. It has been voted tooth-friendly by Zurich University in 1996 and produces sugar-free chewing gum in Turkey.

Personal Verdict

Before trying out any of the products mentioned above, it is advisable that you do your own research. We have a separate in-depth review of all the Jaw Training tools mentioned in this blog if you wish to give any of those a try.

Mewing combined with Facial Exercising can give you optimum results in no time. Make sure to follow us on our social media handles for more information. 

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