Weak Chin Female: Causes, Symptoms, Solutions

Having a weak chin can often destroy one’s confidence and make them overly insecure about themselves. A weak chin simply means having a rounded, undefined jawline as opposed to a well-structured one. This is commonly seen in women as their anatomy is built in a way that highlights a softer, friendly appearance that a rounded … Read more

Mewing with Invisalign

Mewing, the practice of resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth, made popular by Dr. Mike Mew has become one of the most preferred methods of getting well-structured, defined facial features. Although there have been no clinical trials done to prove that mewing is, indeed, a sure-shot method of seeing a difference in … Read more

What Mewing Does to Your Face? | 2021

What mewing does to your face?

The practice of mewing, introduced by Dr. Mike Mew has made rounds around the globe as a technique that can have a wide range of benefits. Naturally, What Mewing Does to Your Face? is one of the most popular queries posted online. For anyone looking to get better facial aesthetics, mewing works your facial muscles … Read more

Mewing with Retainers: An In-depth guide | 2021

Recently got your braces out but now unsure if you can practice mewing with retainers? Just like mewing is beneficial to your face and jaw, retainers help keep the teeth in place. However, when paired together, things can get a little tricky. Here is your complete guide to give you an in-depth understanding of mewing … Read more

Mewing and TMJ Disorder: Everything you need to know

Mewing and TMJ Disorder

Ever heard of tongue training? Mewing is essentially the practice of tongue training to achieve a more defined jawline or to improve a bad bite. Dr. Mike Mew, the British orthodontist who, through his YouTube channel, introduced the concept of mewing to the world after which it went viral amongst many teenagers and adults who … Read more

Forward Facial Growth: A Compact Guide

Forward Facial Growth

Forward facial growth, as a subject is quite popular for people who are into aesthetically pleasing facial structures or those who suffer from unwarranted troubles that come along with having a disproportionate jawline.  Not only is it an interesting read but an effective solution for anyone struggling with a recessed jaw structure.  Even while talking … Read more